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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Ensure your teams operate with a clean and reliable database. Avoid email SPAM filters and unresponsive phone numbers.


Reduce SPAM scores and Stay off Domain Blocklists

With Salesforce email verification service, you can weed out inactive emails that won’t be opened to increase email deliverability and reduce bounce rate.

Accelerate Customer Onboarding and Improve ROI for the Email Data you Capture

Ensure cleanliness of data at the points-of-entry like forms in real-time and enable faster onboarding for customers with Salesforce email validation. Capture high-quality emails for content downloads and lead magnets (like white papers). Improve returns from activities like sales prospecting and marketing campaigns.


Automate Verification of Emails and Phone Numbers Quickly

Verify your email list automatically in bulk or schedule verification in batches before you reach out to customers with bulk emails or personalized messages.

Validate Without Hiccups

Use Salesforce Verify Phone Numbers and Emails to setup defaults to be verified when records have multiple phone numbers and emails.


Search for Verification History

Check the type of phone number your customer uses, whether it’s been verified, which carrier they use, and which of your team members are working on the customer's account.

We never store data and have
zero servers.

All data is stored only
in your Salesforce Org.

Even we can't see it.

Take Instant Verification Actions​VTM
(Verify The Email)
Email Verification
Phone Number Verification
Automatic and Bulk Verification
Manual Verification
Verification History, Usage Tracking
Get Campaigns off the ground
API for External Use
Web-to-Lead, Web-to-Case Verification
Ensure compatibility
Custom and Standard Objects Supported
Available Org-wide, Salesforce Native


Pay as you go

We’re going from long-term contracts to a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model for Verify The Email.
You can now choose from a wide range of simplified prices that scale with your business.
And with 8 new pricing tiers, You now pay upto 40% less for verification credits.

Self-service Top-ups.

No subscriptions to manage.
No contract renewals. Just easy self-service.

App license is charged separately
at a base price of @250 USD/ Org/ year.

Credits purchased in any pay-as-you-go
recharge do not expire as long as the app is active on the Org.


Effective App. Excellent Customer Service.
Verified our emails quickly and efficiently. I would 100% recommend it. They were very thorough and helped set it up according to our needs. When we downloaded this app, we scheduled a 30-minute call with their customer support group, and they walked us through the integration of this app into our Salesforce account.

- Mark Mortensen

CEO at Salus
California, United States

Text marketers👉 swear by Verify The Email
for validating email addresses and increasing email delivery.

“I was facing deliverability issues, but the app helped reduce email bounce and verify email lists in real-time or just a few clicks.”*

“Our team calls and sends texts. Verifying mobile numbers saved massively on SMS credits and dial-time.”*

*Excerpted from AppExchange


Increase email
deliverability forever
with 99% data hygiene
in Salesforce.