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7 Things to Look Out for When Choosing Your Salesforce CPQ Admin

salesforce cpq admin
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If you have planned to switch your business over to a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software, you need a solution that increases efficiency and leads to business growth, just like you always wanted. But along with that solution, you need someone so dedicated to oversee and handle the details as you set up the software and get it ready for use.

That’s why you need to find a quality CPQ administrator who can manage the switchover process, implementation, and everyday use of the CPQ software. The skills and qualities of the CPQ will lead your new business endeavor to success. So start your search for a CPQ admin on the right foot, and look out for the following things to make a great choice.

1. Internal vs. External Resource

The first thing to decide is whether you should look for hiring in-house personnel to work as a CPQ administrator or consider an external source to handle the work for you. You can go for either of the ways as both the ways have their advantages. Remember that hiring an internal resource might cost a lot more for the company, whereas you can save yourself from a lot of trouble in finding the right resource by hiring external Salesforce CPQ experts.

2. Investment in an Experienced Service

Whether you pick an internal resource or external team, make sure you invest in someone who is committed to the success of your organization. You need someone on your team who would be ready to go out of the way to help your company grow with the best CPQ implementation.

3. Assembling a Team of Experts

Your CPQ admin should have complete knowledge about how to assemble and communicate with the internal experts and stakeholders regularly. At the minimum, the admin should be able to communicate the processes and details with the sales, production, and engineering representatives. This is how you will be aware of how CPQ software is helping your business and creating buy-in across the company. 

4. Efficient Resource and Time Allocation

It can take a lot of time to implement CPQ and handle the projects. The CPQ admin should know how to manage the time across the projects while keeping an eye on improvements and maintenance. The CPQ admin should allocate time and resources the right way to ensure that the team does not have any unrelated or unnecessary tasks that might eat up most of their time. 

5. Knowing when to ask for Implementation Help

Ideally, your company needs a CPQ admin who knows how to handle work independently and doesn’t require a lot of supervision or micro-management. But with this quality, you also want someone who is always aware of their limitations. The CPQ admin should be understanding enough to admit when they don’t know something and actively reach out to other experts when needed help (either inside the company or outside). A responsible CPQ admin would be mature to reach out to someone who can provide support, especially with the implementation and switchover.

6. People Skills

This is a new paradigm for your entire business and is equally important as technical knowledge. To ensure CPQ success the admin must be eager to learn and have excellent researching skills to find relevant data and synthesize what they need. There might be some people in any business who are opposed to trying out new processes. In such a condition, your admin requires lots of positive energy to be able to create excitement about the CPQ solution and increase user participation. With the needed people skills, your CPQ admin will also be able to collaborate well with others, have a creative spirit and a goal-oriented mentality, and think outside the box.

7. Technical Skills

Your CPQ admin should know working with web applications and tools with strong troubleshooting, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Having foundational technical skills will help the CPQ admin successfully implement CPQ and efficiently handle the CPQ projects. Here the previous experience of the CPQ admin will matter. 

Take a Big Leap in your Business with an Expert 

Switching to a CPQ solution can be a tall order for some people, which can be daunting. This is the reason a strong leader is needed to stand as a responsible CPQ admin who can steer your business through implementation and switchover. Experienced Salesforce implementation services can simplify the process and increase customer satisfaction. Talk to our consultants to get the support of an expert CPQ admin who can bring the best results for your company.

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