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How to Prepare for Salesforce CPQ Success

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Once you have purchased CPQ, the next question is how you can get ready for the next steps? Now you have finalized your CPQ and invested, but you’ll also want to prepare for a successful implementation project to benefit the most from Salesforce CPQ.

You might have given a lot of your time picking your Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution. You did hours of research and learned about the benefits of automating your sales cycle. Now that you’re committed to Salesforce CPQ, it’s time to get started with bringing it into work in an efficient way.

To help you work seamlessly through Salesforce CPQ, we have gathered tips to help you use it the right way. Here are five actions you can take now to prepare yourself for CPQ success.

1. Admin Training

The first step to getting started on your project is to purchase CPQ admin training. Salesforce offers two types of training, one for new Salesforce CPQ admins and one for advanced admins. You can find flexible training patterns so the busy admins can learn in their preferred style, in-person or virtual classes. The training covers everything from the installation of CPQ to incorporating price and product rules for ensuring data cleanliness while meeting business requirements.

2. Efficient Implementation Support

While Salesforce CPQ is an approachable tool, for implementing it, you need someone who knows the right way to navigate through the finer points of the implementation process. You need to hire a team that can actively work on designing and customizing the Salesforce CPQ implementation process, considering that it should meet your requirements and easily integrate with your other systems. While many use cases need a complex setup and require more work on it, for Salesforce CPQ, you can find many certified partners offering more affordable and hands-off implementation.

3. Review the Processes

Once the admin training and implementation support is all set, it is important to review the internal processes to ensure that correct processes are in place. It is crucial to review all those processes when it is about managing your sandboxes and ensuring that the production environment gets updated from time to time. Without doing so, your sandboxes can end up becoming a mess. 

To fully leverage Salesforce CPQ, make sure you untangle any unnecessary clutter as much as possible. Also, focus on your data. Implementing any new product affect business processes, allowing you to review your data quality and clean it up if needed. You also need to think about how you are going to manage your legacy data after implementing Salesforce CPQ. 

4. User Adoption and Training

Now you should start thinking about the experience of end-users with the Salesforce CPQ rollout. After understanding Salesforce CPQ and your business requirements, you need to look into all the user cases for your company and everything you need to achieve. The right training method will help you connect all the dots to figure out how you can meet your goals with CPQ. 

Remember that you can drive the adoption of Salesforce CPQ by taking advantage of power users. These will be the early adopters of CPQ and will become advocates for the new process and to find out any issues encountered during the learning curve. 

5. Planning

Last but not least, you need the right plan to get going with your CPQ implementation. Assemble an experienced team to get the work done. An efficient plan will immeasurably improve the efficiency of the implementation process and its outcome. Make sure that the team you hire has the right mix of technical and business skills to complete the implementation with minimum friction and maximum efficiency. 

Take the Right Foot with Reliable Salesforce CPQ Consultants

Salesforce CPQ can bring exceptional results to your sales by improving the process and speeding up lead generation. But to run CPQ successfully, you need to get started by laying a strong foundation. All the points mentioned above could be of great help to plan the right move with CPQ. But if it becomes overwhelming, you can always reach out to our expert Salesforce CPQ consultants who’ll help you out through your journey.

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