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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

From the CEO’s Desk

Aloha, Trailblazers!

The past year and a half have tested us and were difficult for a lot of us worldwide. Yet, we were all up to the challenge.

With our collective resolve at 360, we transferred to a remote work model, in just a matter of days without impacting any clients. Not only this, we saw many team members use this time to out-do, re-educate, and re-discover themselves, even as they home-schooled children for nearly a year. 

We nearly doubled in numbers from a team of 200+ to 400+ and certifications grew to 254+. 

These were all big wins. So after a long time apart, we at 360 Degree Cloud decided to celebrate our top performances together and we had a blast of a time.

Here are a few snapshots from the event

At sundown, we swung into Musical medleys, collabs, guitar singles, truths and dares, and dance performances. Saturday night was ours and it was magical.

I hope for many more occasions to celebrate the contributions of this talented group of people, I hope for our tribe to grow even larger, and eagerly await for the next year, when we’ll finally turn ten.

Tell then I wish us all and Salesforce Ohana a splendid monsoon ahead. 

Love and peace,
Siddarth Sehgal, CEO @360 Degree Cloud