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6 Trending Growth Strategies Suggested by the Top Salesforce Partner

Trending Growth Strategies followed by Salesforce registered partner
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The market these days is becoming tougher than before. It’s not just the economic uncertainty but also the rise in the demand of customers who are becoming more value-conscious. Considering this complexity, you need to get advice from the top Salesforce partner to suggest what moves can work well in this market.

According to the Salesforce State of Sales report, there are several growth strategies that can influence customer sentiment and get them closer to businesses. In this blog, we’ll be looking at these trends more closely, evaluating how these could work for your business. 

Trending Growth Strategies Suggested by the Top Salesforce Partner in the USA

We all know that every business seeks new ways through which they can grow and become customers’ favorite. That’s where you can consider following the top trends that will keep you growing. 

So, check out these top trends, suggested by the top Salesforce partner in the USA, that will help you achieve exponential growth.

1. Consider virtual and hybrid selling

In the current market, it is considered more beneficial for sales teams to focus on closing deals virtually or by following a hybrid approach. This would mean building a relationship virtually as well as meeting one-to-one with the person. In this context, salespeople of different organizations should focus on achieving greater engagement, enabling self-service features, and hyper-personalization for business growth. 

This is where it could be a great idea to leverage AI and automation-centric tools with the help of a Salesforce registered partner that could help in building an omnichannel sales funnel that will help teams to track their leads properly. Investing in tools like sales reporting/analytics, sales forecasting tools, process automation, etc., would help teams to streamline processes, boosting the reps’ efficiency so they could meet their customer expectations.

2. Optimize your packaging

There has been a lot of news and discussions about the impact of businesses on the environment. This is why companies are working on using green credentials while building their strategies for growth. More and more organizations are now focusing on ‘ethical recycling’ or ‘all-natural’ and other aspects similar to this. 

Product packaging plays a great role when it comes to running a green business. It is essential these days to consider sustainable packaging, which has been proven to be a crucial element in boosting sales. This is where the sales team should focus on driving innovation and investing in using new and different packaging materials that could be environmentally friendly, like paperboard, organic fabric, etc. 

3. Modernize tools and technologies

Many reps these days are saying that not having proper tools and adequate technologies are the prime reason to leave their current jobs. When using outdated legacy solutions or technologies is simply leading to cost overruns and data siloes, which ultimately make the process complex and time-taking, thus decreasing employee productivity.

This is where organizations should emphasize more on shifting their business operations to a more efficient platform that would keep siloed data together. Using Salesforce CRM is a great way to ensure collaborative teams and data that will improve operations and help teams to focus more on conducting effective engagement with customers and converting them. You need to hire the best Salesforce partners in the USA to leverage Salesforce in the best way.

4. Improve cross-functional alignment

One of the most promising growth factors that could help drive growth is ensuring the improvement of cross-functional alignment. This approach focuses on enabling inter-team collaboration, boosting overall productivity, and eliminating siloes, which ultimately help minimize customer service costs throughout their journey. 

If you focus on enhancing customer loyalty and trust and improving your sales, enabling effective cross-functional alignment is a great way to ensure all of it. It would also help sales representatives effectively collaborate with multiple departments, enabling them to enhance customer interactions and close deals faster.

5. Target new markets

If we analyze the current trend, digitization is now opening doors for agile operations. Businesses can take this up as the low-risk approach they can follow to grow in the market.

This would give companies the first mover advantage, enabling companies to quickie find ways to convert quality leads and work in boosting their sales. You can prefer adopting strategies like demand forecasting and revenue intelligence that will help to adapt and sell more easily.

6. Improve training on tools

Even though it is essential to use tools and technologies to plan the business growth and enhance the reps’ efficiency, it is also necessary to reconsider how many tools have been used internally to actually sell to customers. There are times when teams are using so many tools that aren’t even necessary and just complicate the work more. 

This is where sales leaders should provide necessary training to representatives to use existing solutions efficiently and equip them to succeed. You can also consider using a unified, feature-rich solution that helps to lower IT costs by 25% and remove the need to have multiple standalone tools. Hiring a Salesforce Summit partner who can also help you with training can also be a great approach.

Get Advice on Growth Strategies with the Best Salesforce Experts

Nothing is constant in the business world. Whether it is product delivery or customer expectations, significant change can be seen over a span of time. This makes it essential for businesses to be aware of what’s changing in customer behavior and trending in the market. All you need is a trusted Salesforce partner to guide you through those changes and help you adopt them.

As you focus on maximizing your business value and meeting your buyer expectations, you need the right help to walk parallel to trends and optimize your operations. Contact us and get n touch with trusted experts who can always keep you aligned with Salesforce and market trends.


Hiring the best Salesforce partner for your business might take some time but would bring along a lot of benefits for your organization. To make sure you’re hiring the right partner, there are certain things you have to take care of. Make sure the partner you’re planning to hire has enough experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and has worked for a similar business like yours.

In addition to this, the team should comprise certified Salesforce professionals of all kinds, like developers, testers, administrators, business analysts, etc. Also, check for the support and maintenance that the team is going to offer, along with their timezone availability.

Hiring the top Salesforce partner can be your gateway to onboarding a team of experts with extensive experience and knowledge about implementing, developing, and optimizing Salesforce solutions. They can even tailor the solution to create a customized Salesforce solution that would meet the specific needs of businesses.

In addition to this, engaging with a trusted Salesforce partner would enable you to keep your Salesforce implementation future-proof and scalable to keep achieving goals as your business evolves. Not only this but with Salesforce partners, you’ll always be updated about the latest Salesforce trends that will help you to make the best use of your CRM solution and maximize your investment value in Salesforce.

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