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Are you a Business Owner Using Salesforce? Conduct a Salesforce Performance and Business Audit with a Reliable Salesforce Consultant

Conduct your Salesforce Audit by hiring a Reliable Salesforce Consultant from a Trusted Team
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We all know Salesforce as a reliable CRM, but that doesn’t mean nothing can go wrong with it. Even your Salesforce org needs some attention to ensure that everything is working in the right order. While using Salesforce for your business, you’d surely be accessing the platform for handling your multiple operations and data management. If anything goes wrong, there will be a lot at stake for your company. But, with a reliable Salesforce consultant who can audit your Salesforce and track its performance, you can prevent your firm from any harm. 

Conducting Salesforce audits can give businesses a view into how their CRM works and what improvements are required to optimize the platform to make it run better. It can also help to detect any potential issues that might lead to restricting the efficiency of the platform in the near future. 

Usually, conducting a Salesforce performance audit includes checking the following aspects:

1. Data model

2. Data quality

3. Security settings

4. Use of best practices

5. Business processes and automation

6. Sharing and visibility settings

7. Reports and dashboards

As an experienced Salesforce consulting company, working for over a decade in the Salesforce ecosystem, we’ve successfully helped many clients keep their Salesforce optimized and scalable. The timely Salesforce audit thus helps to keep the CRM charged for contributing to the business growth. 

In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about auditing your Salesforce org and how top Salesforce consultants can help you. 

Why Do You Need to Conduct Salesforce Audit?

Just like any other machine or system, Salesforce also requires conducting an audit so it can be regularly maintained. Here’s why you should run the audit and ensure the CRM is in its best position. 

Make it secure

When granting access to more than one admin, monitoring permissions to protect your valuable information stored in the org becomes essential. A Salesforce consultant will help you check who has access to the org and if their access is still significant for handling data in the future. You must also oversee the successful/failed login attempts every few months. Regarding your Salesforce account, the last you’d want is a security breach, and following these pointers will ensure it doesn’t happen to you. 

Remove the clutter

We all know Salesforce to be a highly reliable and efficient platform. But excess documents and reports cluttering over time might take that away from it. There could be single-purpose documents you might not need in the future, which you can consider removing. Removing such files reduces the clutter and saves you time when searching for something you really need. 

Maximize the platform’s capabilities

You must consider reviewing your fields, standard and customized, to ensure they are operating correctly to make the most of Salesforce. Also, updating your records will enable Salesforce automation to run more smoothly and accurately.

So, we can say that auditing your Salesforce for your business can help you avoid any scenarios that could cause downtime for your company.

How a Reliable Salesforce Consultant Can Help with the Audit

When you get a Salesforce consultant for hire, you need to ensure that the persona can be trusted with your org. An experienced and certified consultant would know exactly what to check when auditing the Salesforce platform. 

So, here are the top things that a Salesforce professional would look for when conducting an audit:

System Configuration

1. Review configurations and customizations

2. Ensure that the system is optimized to meet business goals

3. Look for any existing configuration issues and fix it


1. Evaluate the Salesforce integration with other applications and ensure that those are working correctly. 

2. Identify any needed improvements in the integration to enhance the performance. It could be anything like automating operations or streamlining data synchronization and transfer. 

3. Review how effective the current integration strategies are and if the business is making the most out of them. It includes identifying any bottlenecks in the integration setup and fixing them to ensure better results. 

Data Quality

1. Identify any data consistencies and resolve them.

2. Check if the data is updated and accurate while fixing any issues identified. 

3. Evaluate data management and storage to ensure it is easy for potential users. 

User Adoption

1. Identify how well the team can use and work with Salesforce and where improvement is needed. 

2. Evaluate how effective the current Salesforce training is and make adjustments if necessary.

3. Find opportunities to improve the training process and provide the needed support to potential users. 

Security and Compliance

1. Review security policies and permissions to ensure they are in the right place. 

2. Look for any issues in terms of compliance and resolve if any issue exists.

3. Check if the business is complying with the necessary policies and regulations. 

Checking and verifying all these aspects would ensure that your Salesforce is running smoothly for your business. This will enable you to yield the desired results and growth for your firm. 

Conduct Salesforce Audit with a Reliable Salesforce Consultant

The bottom line we discovered here is that conducting routine Salesforce performance audits is essential to ensure it works well for your business. Conducting the audit with the help of a reliable Salesforce consultant will give you a comprehensive view of how your Salesforce is performing and enable you to identify any existing problems that can be timely fixed. 

Considering the importance, you must prioritize conducting Salesforce audits for your business routinely. And the best way to get started here is with the help of experienced Salesforce consulting services. If you have any doubts or want to know more about what you can do for your Salesforce org, contact us and get a quick answer to your questions.

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