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Salesforce Tips and Tricks: Suggested by The Top Salesforce Consultants

Discover Salesforce Tips and Tricks by Top Consultants
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Even if organizations are successful, they aren’t missing out on recognizing the caliber and potential the Salesforce CRM holds for their business. But despite the popularity of this CRM, some businesses are still in the dilemma of exactly when and how to use Salesforce. Having some knowledge about Salesforce tips and tricks can be very helpful here. 

When you hire Salesforce consultants, you’ll get experts who are well-versed with knowledge about CRM, along with the tips and tricks that could change the business game. 

If you’re a Salesforce user or thinking about moving to the CRM, knowing these tips can help to transform the way you have been working, thus increasing the potential to get the most from Salesforce. 

Top Salesforce Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Do you believe you are making the best use of Salesforce? If not, we’ve got some Salesforce tips and tricks suggested by our professional Salesforce consultation to help you get the most out of the CRM. 

1. Eask your task with browser extensions

You might not know, but numerous Chrome extensions could simplify your work with Salesforce. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Salesforce Inspector: This extension is used to inspect the metadata and data from the UI of Salesforce. You can even add a metadata layout above the standard UI of Salesforce. 
  2. Salesforce Navigator: You can get any of the Salesforce pages using this extension. You can even fix minor bugs by entering what exactly you need to do. 
  3. Salesforce Organizer: The extension enables you to forget the Salesforce username and password. You can even set up your personal org and manage links accordingly. 

2. Access prebuilt solutions 

If you are a hardcore Salesforce user, you can’t afford to miss checking out the Salesforce AppExchange. The AppExchange is similar to that of App Store and Google Play; the only difference is that it works specifically for your Salesforce org. The platform provides numerous apps that improve your Salesforce usability and boost your sales.   

3. Efficiently manage accounts in Sales Console

When you want to work efficiently on your opportunities, there’s no better platform than the Sales Console. You can even use it to manage your accounts and contacts. Sales Console provides a split view through which users can work and quickly update accounts. You can even use the subtab on Opportunities to tab between the same UI possibilities. 

4. Be quick to go through Salesforce releases

It would be great if you could go through and study the Salesforce releases beforehand. Salesforce gives out 3 major releases every year, and it can be highly advantageous for companies to go through those features as soon as they come out. 

Also, it would keep you ready to adopt and work with the upcoming features of each release. Along with this, the Salesforce CRM will also keep you updated about the possible impacts of the updates on your current systems.

5. Build Email Templates and List Views at the beginning

Creating list views and email templates not just reduces the workload but also gives a boost in productivity. If you create these at the beginning, it will help you save a lot of time. As list views are particular, every user would have a range of list views that relate to their work. 

Creating and using email templates will help you to improve the interaction rate through emails. These templates are also shareable, allowing employees to work collaboratively. 

6. Customize permissions

While setting up new functionality for any user, it is essential to set custom permissions for the same. Adding custom permissions will allow you to control the way different users would be able to access or use the functionality. 

Implement These Salesforce Tips and Tricks with Experts

So far, you surely would have understood these Salesforce tips and tricks that could change how you use Salesforce for your business. Try these out and see the transformation you come across regarding Salesforce usability and productivity. 

These are just a few of the Salesforce tips that can help you while using Salesforce for your business. Contact us and learn more of such amazing Salesforce tips with our certified Salesforce consultants and achieve the productivity boost you wish. 

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