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Beta Availability of Einstein Copilot for Tableau: Learn More with a Salesforce Implementation Consultant

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It doesn’t matter what industry your business is, it’s common for all to look for ways to enhance efficiencies and better and data-backed decision making. To achieve this, organizations are considering working with advanced AI tools. And when it is about AI, even the top Salesforce implementation consultant is talking about Einstein Copilot. 

A study shows that around 83% of CEOs are looking forward to their organizations to be more data-driven. But unfortunately, only 30% of employees are able to work with data-driven actions. That’s quite a concern, as they need to have the right tools to work with AI and make data-backed decisions. 

Big news for Salesforce users and enthusiasts! Salesforce has recently announced the beta availability of Einstein Copilot for Tableau. That’s clearly a big launch as it will help to boost the user productivity with streamlined workflows and self-service analytics through which users can access strategic insights and plan operations accordingly. 

Earlier, organizations had to distribute their data insights into reports that experts created. However, with dashboards in Tableau, that data is represented in a more interactive way, making it visually impressive and easy to understand and evaluate for users. These Tableau dashboards also allow users to manage scope with the help of predefined guided paths. What users need here is the ability to explore data by themselves without having to go through deep analytical training. 

That’s where Einstein Copilot would make a real difference. With this tool in Tableau, users would now be able to analyze data more closely. They would be able to work with the powerful analytical engine of Tableau while working with natural language to run query and get answers that are data-backed and also from other data sources like Salesforce Data Cloud, spreadsheets, cloud, or data warehouses. 

Now, let’s understand Einstein Copilot in Tableau in a better way, evaluating what exactly this launch has to offer the users.

What Exactly You Can Do While Using Einstein Copilot in Tableau

No wonder the recent introduction of the amazing AI assistant, Einstein Copilot, for Tableau is interesting. But the real question is what exactly you’ll be able to do with it. The idea behind bringing in Einstein Copilot is to work with analytical use cases that you can do with the help of a Salesforce implementation consultant.

This platform is efficient in enabling business users to access data analysis and efficiently work with it with the power of AI. The platform will suggest questions according to business data, thus decreasing the number of change requests and enabling faster decision-making.

Now let’s talk about the main features of Einstein Copilot for Tableau that you’ll be able to work with: 

1. Guided Calculation Creation

When you’re analyzing data, one of the most difficult tasks that professionals have to deal with is tracking KPIs and managing computer metrics. This can become a challenge due to the complex calculation syntax, which is tough to work with. That’s where Einstein Copilot can help Tableau users get through this challenging process.

Let’s consider an example to understand this better. Users can acquire guidance that will be AI-powered that will help them parse information for a long string field. This can involve information like extracting the name of a city from a detailed mailing address. It also helps with combining different measures with the right fields that will help users to get results accurately.

2. Recommended Questions

You can be a new user of Einstein Copilot. So the question is how would you know exactly where to get started for investigating data. That’s where Einstein Copilot for Tableau will help you by running an automated data analysis and would recommend some questions that are relevant. This will provide you the guidance you need to get more insights. 

Let’s take an example. If you are a regional sales manager, Einstein Copilot might suggest a question like, “Is there any sales pattern across a specific product category?” when you want to know about the sales patterns.

3. Conversational Data Exploration

It’s a rare case situation if you get the right answer to your question in the first go. There would always be a need for better analysis through which better follow-up questions can be asked to gather more detailed and accurate answers. That’s something Einstein Copilot helps with. 

Working with Einstein Copilot in Tableau enables users to reiterate their queries efficiently and work with deeper data exploration to enhance the accuracy and relevancy of the result or answer. Also, users would be able to work with insights without having to miss the context related to the previous question. 

For example, if you are a marketer, you can ask which are the marketing campaigns that are running more efficiently and are bringing results. You can be specific and also ask some follow-up questions to learn about specific products, regions, and channels for which the campaign is running effectively.

Get the Power of AI for Your Business with a Salesforce Implementation Consultant

Surely, the idea of using an AI assistant in Tableau is impressive but being new in the Salesforce ecosystem, this tool can be difficult to implement and get started with. That’s where you need the help from Salesforce implementation services to help you leverage this feature efficiently. 

Simply contact us, and we’ll connect you with our certified professionals who have already worked with Einstein Copilot, and they help you leverage it for your business too.

Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.

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