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Change the Game of your Professional Services Firm with Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud
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When delivering excellent customer service, your aim should be to conduct productive and pleasant interactions with customers. Customers highly appreciate if the provider of professional services understands them, saving them to keep explaining their problems repeatedly to different representatives. Thus, your focus should be on enhancing customer experience by all means, and using Salesforce Service Cloud functionalities can enable you to achieve that. 

Customer service representatives always try to keep customers engaged, for which they can require tools and features to help them understand customers well. Using Service Cloud is one way to provide reps with everything they need to engage with customers effectively and gather their concerns regarding the professional service they need or have issues with.

The effectiveness of Salesforce Service Cloud can be better understood when we evaluate its features and capabilities. So, in this blog, we’ll cover Service Cloud’s capabilities that could transform professional services firms. 

Top Features of Salesforce Service Cloud for Professional Services Firms

Deploying Salesforce is a way to access Service Cloud, a core component of Salesforce that has changed how businesses manage and deal with their customers. 

So, let’s look at some capabilities of Salesforce Service Cloud that have been changing how customer service teams handle customers to achieve their satisfaction. 

1. End-to-End Case Management

Service Cloud allows case management for customer-facing support agents to deliver efficient service to customers at all times and across multiple touchpoints. Agents could access all information on their screens relevant to the customer they’re dealing with. This enables the reps to stay updated on the journey of the customer.  

When all service reps have access to customer data, the case can be handled by anyone at any time. Service Cloud even allows the team to automate workflows for case management with low-code or no-code approaches. 

2. Omnichannel Assistance

Service Cloud allows agents to manage customer engagements across multiple channels, email, or social media platforms. The omnichannel capabilities provide your support team with ease in maintaining customer focus.  

Service Cloud allows teams at professional services firms to add different channels to the resources of your contact center, following customers by easily switching between different platforms. Support agents and managers can easily have a consolidated view of customers on different channels over a single screen. This gives them the ease of managing customers and efficiently connecting to them through chat, voice, email, or social media.  

3. Improvement using Customer Feedback

Your agents need to know how their customers feel about their service regarding their case handling. The best way to know this is to get customer feedback right after the case is handled, so their service remains fresh in customers’ minds. 

Service Cloud allows agents to create surveys to acquire customer feedback and learn about their satisfaction with the case handling. You can set triggers for events on which the feedback survey would be sent to the customer. With Salesforce for professional services firms, such surveys can be sent to customers just with a single click. 

4. Organizational Knowledge Management

Different professional services firms tend to have a lot of insight and expertise after handling numerous cases over the years. Salesforce Service Cloud enables your agents and customers to access the knowledge assets of your organization when needed for some case or query. 

Agents can use this knowledge to take references from previous cases and provide a suitable solution to customers. For customers, these knowledge articles could be helpful for self-service, going through which they can resolve small issues on their own.  

Empower Support Agents with Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud can be a great source of transformation for professional services firms. After providing the relevant services, support agents frequently get customer queries, which can be tricky to handle. That’s where Service Cloud can be of great help to agents.

Implementing Service Cloud can bring a lot of ease for support agents. All you need is a trusted Salesforce implementation team to help you acquire all benefits. Contact us and find out all functionalities that your business can access with Service Cloud. 

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