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Dreamforce 2023 Highlights: Top 10 Announcements You Should Be Aware Of

Dreamforce 2023: Top 10 Announcements
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Incredible! That’s the word we can use if we had to define this year’s Dreamforce event in one word. The expectations from the event are always high, but year after year, Salesforce really amazes us with all the new and game-changing announcements at the event. Dreamforce 2023 had everything a Salesforce enthusiast can wish for. 

The keynote announcements this year are absolutely wonderful and can significantly bring transformation in user experience and operations. Dreamforce has 1500+ sessions, 40,000 attendees, and millions of viewers online, and Salesforce definitely made the most of this event, using it as a platform to make some impressive announcements. 

Out of numerous enhancements, there were some that were the most impressive and would really benefit businesses and Salesforce users with enhanced productivity and experience. In this blog, we’ll talk about the top announcements from Dreamforce this year that stuck with us and would really bring results for Salesforce users. 

Top 10 Announcements from Dreamforce 2023

We’ve listed some of the best keynote announcements from the event that will make you aware of everything’s that trending in the Salesforce world.

1. Marketing Cloud & Commerce Cloud

Salesforce acquired both Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud and incorporated these tools with the core platforms. Now, after so many years, we can see 26 new generative AI capabilities on the roadmap for these tools.

In addition to this, 25+ sets are going to arrive by the end of 2024. All of these will be built on the Data Cloud. 

2. New Industry Cloud to be Launched: Life Sciences Cloud

We all know that Salesforce industry clouds have proven to be very helpful for different industries, be it Healthcare, Manufacturing, or Finance. 

Now, there’s another cloud that will be added to the list. Salesforce announced that the life sciences sector will have its industry cloud too.

3. Einstein 1 Platform

There was another announcement that was about the Einstein 1 Platform. It’s a kind of relaunch of the Salesforce platform, making it a trusted AI platform. The Einstein Copilot was the main attraction. 

The conversational AI assistant will help customers use natural language for interaction, just like conducting a conversation with another human being.

4. Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses

Another announcement that took the center stage was about free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses for all customers of Service and Sales Cloud. This is applicable for both Enterprise and Unlimited editions. The free package will consist of two free Tableau Creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 profiles. 

It’s high time to make the most of these licenses. Make sure to connect with the best Salesforce consultants to get your hands on the benefits of these tools.

5. Slack Innovations

Slack is already quite popular among companies to enable streamlined communication between teams. Now, it’s time to extend its usage a bit more. 

There were several enhancements for Slack announced in Dreamforce 2023. Thread Summaries, Channel Recaps, and Search Answers, along with automation and Slack lists are some of the most amazing ones. 

6. Data Cloud- Triggered Flow

We have been using Salesforce Flow to build automation for years. There are actions to trigger Flows like any change in the data. Now, users can power up their automation using dynamic data as Data Cloud is embedded in the Einstein 1 platform. The Data Cloud would allow you to access real-time data from different systems.

You can get the best of these flows with an affordable Salesforce consulting service and boost your development.

7. Copilot Studio

There was another announcement regarding the launch of Einstein Copilot Studio, a platform in which Salesforce professionals would be able to control and implement generative AI to support and enhance users’ productivity. 

Users will be able to do it all while having complete control over processes. They can decide which generative AI will be used and the extent to which it will be used. 

There are three components of Copilot Studio: Prompt Builder, Skills Builder, and Model Builder. You can get the most of all these three with the help of affordable Salesforce consulting services. 

8. Tenets of Trusted, Ethical & Humane AI

Salesforce always emphasizes its core values. Trust is the most important value to ensure safe and secure AI for companies. In Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce talked about its Tenets of Trusted, Ethical, and Humane AI, which they will follow for all their innovations. These tenets will help to maintain trust between Salesforce and customers. 

9. Power of Salesforce AI to Create 10 Million Jobs by 2023

There’s a report published by IDC that will help you take a look into the crystal ball to know the future of the Salesforce ecosystem. The research shows two standout figures:

– Revenue Impact: A $2.02 trillion net gain expected in 2022-2028. 

– Employment Impact: An estimated 18 million jobs to be created globally.

10. Most Sustainable Dreamforce Ever

Sustainability is another core value of Salesforce. Salesforce has launched Net Zero Cloud to help other organizations meet sustainability goals.

Salesforce is continuously making efforts to make Dreamforce environmentally friendly, and they claimed this one to be the most sustainable Dreamforce event ever. 

Stay Updated with the Latest Salesforce Trends from Dreamforce 2023

We can clearly observe that the key announcements are majorly focused on AI and Data Cloud. Also, with Salesforce making a drastic turn towards AI, we need to keep in sync with the latest enhancements and upgrades it is bringing, especially the ones that were announced during Dreamforce 2023. 

To make that happen, you need a reliable team of experts to keep your system updated. Contact us and get the best Salesforce consultants to work for you and provide you with the guidance you seek with the latest enhancements. 

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