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Hire Salesforce Experts and Learn About Sales GPT and Service GPT

Learn about Sales GPT and Service GPT with Salesforce Experts
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Salesforce is growing with every release, so do the expectations of its users. But this year, Salesforce took a new leap, working towards adopting the power of AI. AI Cloud, which is powered by Einstein GPT, is the way to get auto-generated content to be used for different use cases. Salesforce came up with different platforms for different departments considering their unique use cases. When you hire Salesforce experts to learn about it all, it would become easier to get into the depths of the latest platforms and their features.

Salesforce has become the world’s most powerful and intelligent CRM, leveraging the power of generative AI to add to employee productivity and enhance customer experiences. Shortly before Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce started adopting the power of AI, and at the 3-day event, they made it clear that the near future is all about AI.

Among all the new platforms that Salesforce came up with, Sales GPT and Service GPT are getting the most attention. So, in this blog, we’ll be going through these two platforms in detail and understanding how these are valuable for businesses. Hire dedicated Salesforce developers and they can help you work with it.

Sales GPT and Service GPT: Top Features to Know

In the current business world, the power of AI cannot be underestimated. Specifically talking about Sales GPT and Service GPT, both tools have the power to boost teams’ productivity and reflect the best results on the business. 

Studies have shown that over 60% of service and sales representatives believe that using generative AI could be an effective way to reach customer satisfaction. Let’s understand this closely by learning about different ways both Sales GPT and Service GPT could help businesses. Hire Salesforce experts, and you can see the real difference these platforms can make.

Sales GPT

Sales reps in any company have to focus on meeting quota faster. It can even mean moving out of the Salesforce org to research or communicate with the prospects. That’s where they need to spend a lot of time looking for relevant information, which might be stored in different corners of the CRM. That’s where Sales GPT is the platform that comes to the rescue to bring all the scattered information together.

Sales GPT is the Salesforce product to help sellers work with trusted generative AI to sell efficiently. It will help them to leverage real-time data and transform operations to sell smarter and faster. 

Here are some of the most promising features of Sales GPT:

Sales Emails: This feature will help the sales team to auto-generate data-informed emails that will be personalized for every customer. This will help in focusing on each customer interaction, improving engagement while saving time for sales reps. 

Sales Assistant: This feature will help to summarize each and every step involved in the sales cycle. The Sales Assistant will help in all aspects, whether it is about researching accounts or drafting contract clauses. You can hire Salesforce programmers to leverage this feature right.

Call Summaries: With the help of the Call Summaries feature, sales reps become free from manual note-taking processes and get the calls automatically transcribed and summarized. It also provides reps with some follow-up actions, which helps in improving the seller productivity. 

Service GPT

It’s common to find customer service reps on their toes, whether it is for conducting a smooth conversation with the customer or ensuring faster case resolution. But to make that happen, the key is to have quick access to customer data and records related to previous engagements. That’s where Service GPT comes to the rescue.

With the help of Service GPT, organizations have now become empowered to access generative AI and use real-time data to improve service operations and customer experiences. This Salesforce product is proving to be helpful for contact centers and service reps to improve operations while minimizing expenses. 

Here are some of the most promising features of Service GPT, which you can leverage by hiring dedicated Salesforce developers:

Service Replies: The feature will help companies automatically generate personalized responses for customers. These responses would be backed by accurate and relevant real-time data, which will enable service agents to solve customers’ complaints and queries faster. 

Knowledge Articles: These are the updated and auto-generated articles based on the real-time information saved and managed by the team. This involves keeping the institutional knowledge of the company updated on the basis of ongoing customer engagement and interactions. 

Work Summaries: This feature will help teams to create wrap-up summaries. These summaries would be related to customer engagements and service cases based on customer history and case data that have been attended by service reps. All these summaries help agents with other cases, enabling them to provide quicker solutions to customers. Hire a Salesforce certified developer and get the needed help to understand and work with this feature. 

Mobile Work Briefings: Service GPT can even be helpful for field service operations. With the help of Mobile Work Briefings, you can get your field service teams to prep up for appointments. The feature will provide the teams with summarized critical information that will include everything they need to know before arriving on the site. Teams with all information handy would be able to work more efficiently on the field.

As per all the announcements in Dreamforce, Salesforce is becoming all about AI now; you need to step up, too. The idea is to maximize the usage of Salesforce so that you can actually use it to its full potential. 360 Degree Cloud is where you can hire Salesforce programmers who have already tried their hand at AI Cloud and Data Cloud and have been leveraging its power for different aspects. 

If you’re someone who is still using the basic Salesforce features or utilizing it just as a database, you are missing out on its real power and the transformation it can bring to your business. The best way is to hire a Salesforce certified developer, someone who is completely aware of everything new in Salesforce and help you access the power of it.

Not just that, we’ll help you get going with everything that’s new in Salesforce in a way that will benefit your business and reflect in your ROI. We’re sure that’s the kind of results you want. Contact us, and let’s start working in this new world of AI. 

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