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Hire your Salesforce Developers with these Qualities that are in high demand

Hire your Salesforce Developers
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When you want to get a tailored app developed to get it published over AppExchange, you need to hire your Salesforce developers team with suitable experience. Sounds easy, isn’t it? But have you ever thought about what kind of experience you should seek? 

For any product development organization (PDO), it is essential to be specific about the experience and skills they need when hiring Salesforce developers. 

In this article, we’ll cover five qualities your developers must have before you appoint them to your product development. 

What Qualities You Should Seek When You Hire Your Salesforce Developers

Salesforce development can go very complex, especially when it involves customizations. So, you’d need your Salesforce developers to have a specific skill set and experience crafting such applications. And to make sure you’re getting the right developers, there are different qualities that you should seek in these professionals. Let’s learn about these qualities in detail. 

1. Understanding of the Salesforce Platform

On the basic level, you need to know that your Salesforce developers should have significant knowledge and understanding of the Salesforce platform. Not having the relevant understanding and experience of working on the platform can jeopardize your project.

You can consider asking the PDO these questions to analyze their understanding and skills related to Salesforce. 

  • How many certified Salesforce developers do they have on their staff?
  • What are the different certifications their Salesforce professionals have?

There are 20 different types of Salesforce certifications, and not all are related to AppExchange app development. These certifications can be for Architects, Administrators, Developers, and Consultants. 

2. Building an AppExchange App

When your aim is to achieve successful Salesforce development, the key is that developers should have unique skills. Developers should be able to work with Apex, Lightning Web Components, and VisualForce. You don’t want any beginner to start with this challenging task of Salesforce development. 

Consider asking your PDO these questions to know if the developers you’re going to hire are good enough for the work. 

  • How many Salesforce apps have you built, and for which industry segments?
  • How complex apps were you able to create?
  • Have you worked on any app development for high-profile companies?

The fact is the more development patterns they have worked on give them better command of AppExchange. 

3. Getting Through Salesforce Security Review Process

The scope of cyber threats is increasing, and because of that, Salesforce has always maintained high standards of security for apps on AppExchange. The review process to publish apps on AppExchange is rigorous as those apps have to abide by strict security guidelines by Salesforce. 

An efficient PDO would always understand the needed security measures to successfully go through the security view by Salesforce AppExchange. If the development team is inefficient, they might get rejected after the security review multiple times. That will clearly indicate that the team is incapable of being your Salesforce development service. A good PDO will be able to determine the issue and overcome it in the next go if the first time isn’t successful. 

4. Working with Complex Integrations

If you need to integrate your Salesforce account with other applications you have been using, it is essential to make sure that developers have done this before. Integrating third-party apps with Salesforce can be complex. And when Salesforce has to pull data from other applications using APIs, it can become even more difficult. 

Consider asking your PDO how many successful integrations the team has done. Make sure to check their experience with complex integrations to analyze if the team is skilled enough to handle your integration needs. 

Hire your Salesforce Developers the Right Way

You’ll keep hearing about every company having Salesforce developers, but you must analyze the right fit for your business. When you hire your Salesforce developers, check for all these mentioned qualities; it makes it easier for the company to get the customized AppExchange app that could bring the company more business. 

The best way to get started is by hiring the best team of certified Salesforce developers. Contact us to learn about the kind of solutions our Salesforce developers have successfully tailored. 

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