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How can Salesforce Staff Augmentation Make a Difference for Your Business in 2024?

Make a Difference for Your Business in 2024 with
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Salesforce staff augmentation has become more and more the norm recently. Industries of all types are embracing staff augmentation services, especially the IT and service industry, and this is not without reason. Having the desired Salesforce experts at your disposal for the needed time allows businesses to be efficient and finish projects on time. 

As businesses look to grow and handle new challenges with the help of Salesforce, Salesforce outsourcing has become a convenient way to get extra Salesforce expert hands on the projects. 

When businesses need relevant and skilled staff, they can go for two options: either they can hire employees in-house or look for outsourced staff. But, hiring in-house employees can bring along a lot of work and trouble for the company. From being expensive to having to manage a lot of work like onboarding and retaining, traditional hiring practices tend to have a lot of drawbacks, especially when a business has varying project requirements. That’s where staff augmentation is a better solution. 

This blog will focus more on Salesforce staff augmentation, exploring how it can help you make a real difference with your business in the coming year.

What are Different Types of Staff Augmentation Services?

Staff augmentation is broadly divided into three types, and these divisions are based mainly on the level of skill required to do the job. You can also decide for the time period you need the augmentation services to be active. 

Businesses looking for staff augmentation usually have unique requirements, according to which they look for experts. On the basis of their needs, these are the common types of services they look for: 

1. Basic: This is when businesses need extra manpower to complete repetitive everyday tasks. This does not require highly trained industry experts. 

2. Skill-based: This type is suited for businesses that need tailored solutions that require a specialized skill set. These experts are usually hired for a particular project for a period of time.

3. Highly Skilled: These specialists are the masters of their domain and are champions of their arenas. They are usually called upon for top-priority and high-value tasks. 

Salesforce Staff Augmentation: The Difference Maker 

There are a lot of benefits that make Salesforce staff augmentation a key difference-maker for your business. We have created here a list of certain benefits that would make this approach of getting the needed staff worthwhile.

Bridge the Skill Gap

The one major factor that often stands between successful and efficient project completion is not having the resources with the correct skill set. When you use offshore Salesforce development, this hurdle can be easily crossed. 

You get to hire skilled individuals with experience in the field that will help you complete the project on time. You can use the augmentation team to work with your in-house team or hand them the project or task. 

Flexible Resources 

The needs of your business are always flexible, so should your resources be. Salesforce outsourcing just offers this flexibility to you. Let’s say your team has an urgent task requiring Salesforce skilled resources. In this situation, having a Salesforce augmentation staff can be the perfect solution for you.

With the availability of flexible resources now, you won’t have to worry about having the deadline that comes with urgent ad hoc work. Allowing your team to stay productive while completing extra tasks that need completion. 

Another advantage is that you need to keep resources longer than required. You get the flexibility of only having resources for the specific time period they are needed for. This makes your business more efficient. 

Cost Efficient 

Imagine getting skilled resources for precisely the time you need them and not having to spend any money for screening, recruiting, and vetting the resources. This is precisely what staff engagement allows you to do. 

Training staff to complete a project can cause unnecessary delays and add to the costs. With augmentation staff, you can minimize the cost of Salesforce training and ensure you save valuable time. 

Stay Productive 

With the augmentation staff working on your projects that need attention, your team can focus on the other daily tasks that can’t be left behind. It also saves additional operational administration tasks that come with hiring full-time resources. 

Specialized Resources for Custom Projects 

Custom projects are often needed to meet the evolving business needs. Companies usually start from the ground up to hire Salesforce developers and spend time in training and skill development. 

With augmentation staff, this is not the case. They come with expertise that can cater to your custom salesforce needs. Offshore Salesforce development allows you to customize Salesforce the way you want. This can include third-party integrations, custom app development, data migration, etc. 

Getting what you need from Salesforce in a limited amount of time without burdening your team requires experts, and that is precisely what you get with augmentation services. 

Expert Support 

There are multiple instances where your team might encounter some hurdles while using Salesforce. It’s not a surprise, as Salesforce development is complex. But with augmentation services, you get to have access to experts. This allows you to overcome these hurdles faster. Resulting in a seamless process and faster deployment. 

Easily Scalable

Salesforce is scalable for your business growth. Optimizing Salesforce as your business grows is critical for ensuring your development is not halted. Salesforce outsourcing is the easiest way to ensure this. With augmentation services available whenever you need them, it ensures you have experts all the way through your growth journey. 

Get Trusted Experts with Salesforce Staff Augmentation

With everything we’ve covered above, it can be clearly stated that businesses can easily get the talent they need for their unique projects with staff augmentation services. The key is to get in touch with a trusted and experienced Salesforce partner to get the needed staff. 

At 360 Degree Cloud, we have over 11 years of experience providing our global clients with the needed assistance from staff and services. Contact us and share your requirements, and we’ll provide you with exactly what you need for your projects. 

Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.

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