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How Salesforce CRM Consulting Helps Enhance Service Engagement in the Banking Sector

Enhance Service Engagement in the Banking Sector with Salesforce
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When we think about firms that are growing digitally across the world, we would always think about the banking and financial services sector. It’s not just about the operations and workflows, but the same is also true in context to the customer service. That’s where having a CRM solution like Salesforce is helpful. But that’s not all. You also need a Salesforce CRM consulting service to assist you efficiently to make the most of Salesforce. 

We are living in the times when banking customers are highly active about service. Studies show that around 81% of customers tend to look for self-service features to get quick resolution to the challenges they are facing. 

The issues faced by banking customers could be anything- they might have lost their card or might have to get new checks. There can be times when they might have some dispute regarding some transaction. All these requirements from customers make it necessary for the banking teams to get more efficient with their service delivery and that’s where Salesforce can be helpful.

In this blog, we’ll try to bring the value of Salesforce for the banking sector to light while illustrating how having the right CRM consulting for Salesforce can help them improve their operations and service engagement. 

How Salesforce is the Best CRM for Banking Services

Customers today expect immediate and effortless solutions to their problems, desiring to resolve issues with a single tap on their mobile devices.

For banks, delivering personalized and always-available customer support has become crucial for building trust and loyalty. However, many banks struggle in this area. Their contact center agents often lack access to complete customer case histories, with data scattered across disparate systems or even on paper notes. This lack of organization leads to inefficiency, higher costs, and longer resolution times.

Salesforce CRM addresses these challenges by providing a centralized data view, enabling banks to offer quick and efficient service to their customers. This is why more and more banking organizations are actively adopting Salesforce as their CRM solution. 

How Can a Salesforce Consulting Service Help the Banking Firms

The business and growth for any banking firm start with its customers. So, when it is about improving the business, the team needs to focus more on improving service engagement. Having the right team to help you manage customer service can help with connecting different channels and data points and streamline processes to enhance the agent efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. 

Now, let’s cover different ways of using Salesforce for banking with the best experts who can help banking firms to improve customer service operations and boost engagement. 

1. Know the common type of service requests

When your focus is to resolve customer service requests, there’s something that you should start doing. 

Begin by asking, “Where can we enhance connectivity and customer care in banking?” Identify common service requests, like reporting lost cards or ordering checks, and frequent technical issues, such as resetting passwords or unlocking accounts.

For example, customers might need to call the bank to place travel notifications on their cards, leading to unnecessary hold times for simple conversations that could be handled more efficiently through online chat or similar digital interactions. These routine inquiries and processes are ideal starting points that will give the Salesforce consulting team the idea to implement self-service and other features of Salesforce.

2. Resolve common inquiries with self-service features

For agents who want to improve service engagement, the key is to work on ways that could resolve customer queries faster. This can be done by simplifying operations with the help of self-service tools on Salesforce. 

CRM consulting for Salesforce can help you leverage these tools for self-service that can be integrated into online portals and mobile applications to improve case resolution. Chatbots can also provide additional assistance with straightforward issues. 

By diverting these matters from the contact center, customers can resolve issues more quickly. This approach also allows agents to focus on more complex cases, such as overlapping issues a customer may have. Some situations require agents to display interpersonal sensitivity, which a chatbot may not provide. For example, handling a customer seeking an extension on their mortgage repayment due to hardship.

This kind of automation not only saves agents’ time by streamlining processes like freezing a credit card but also enables proactive customer service. 

3. Enhance visibility into customer and case details

Using Salesforce as the CRM solution, banking agents can easily connect their customer-facing interactions across multiple touchpoints. Salesforce CRM consulting experts can help the team manage all kinds of customer data, such as financial holdings, activities related to transactions, and relationship history, altogether in one place. 

This helps in achieving a comprehensive view of all customer details, making it easier for agents to quickly find the relevant data when needed. Agents can access all pertinent customer information, such as account details, transactions, relationships, and life events, on a single screen. That’s how a Salesforce partner enables agents to deliver faster, more efficient service while also enhancing service quality.

This kind of integration view can also be leveraged to deepen and personalize service. Furthermore, this approach allows for the integration of intelligent capabilities that can enhance the service agent experience. 

Improve Your Service Engagement with Salesforce CRM Consulting

The banking sector is actively moving towards a digital transformation and there’s no stopping to that. Salesforce assists banks in effectively leveraging this disruption to enter a new era of outstanding service. The advantage goes beyond providing customers with more control; it’s about instilling trust that they’re in the hands of a bank that genuinely cares about their financial objectives. 

To reap this advantage and maximize Salesforce utilization in the banking sector, contact us and let the best certified experts assist you. 

Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.

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