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How to Achieve Successful Salesforce LinkedIn Integration?

How to achieve Salesforce LinkedIn Integration
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Every business these days has its presence on LinkedIn, specifically to expand its business and bring in better leads. You’d probably have it too. But are you sure you are making the most of your LinkedIn? If you have doubts about this, it’s time to consider Salesforce LinkedIn integration and get the results your business deserves.

LinkedIn needs no introduction as it has proven to be an efficient tool to build professional relationships and improve the chances of closing more leads. No wonder the tool has a lot of power, but integrating it with Salesforce can add to it.

The integration of the two platforms can help sales teams to easily track their sales activities and KPIs. This integration can be successfully achieved by using the LinkedIn sales navigator

With the sales navigator Salesforce integration, LinkedIn can easily be connected with your Salesforce solution. All you need is a reliable Salesforce professional to set it up for you. 

Why Should You Integrate Your Salesforce with LinkedIn?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the integration process, let’s take you through the major reasons to consider Salesforce integration with LinkedIn. 

1. Get Accurate Sales Insights

Enabling the integration will help you access the most powerful and accurate sales insights through which sales reps can make detailed documents and reports. These reports would then help the company to make informed decisions by evaluating all the essential insights.

As you keep using Salesforce and LinkedIn together, it will enable you to get more information about your contact and their preferences, which you can use to plan their journey. Also, the integrated platform will enable you to keep track of any changes easily. Any changes in LinkedIn or any new connection will automatically be indicated within your Salesforce, thus making it easier for you to keep track of it.

2. Boost Customer Support

Integrating your LinkedIn with Salesforce will enable you to get the best of both worlds. This would provide you the ability to work with the robust capabilities of Salesforce and improve connections with a professional network like LinkedIn. 

This will help you get closer to your customers and understand their expectations, response patterns, behavior, and other traits in a better way. This will enable the service teams to use personalized approaches to resolve their queries, thus improving customer experience.

3. Enhance Lead Conversion Rate

One of the most essential reasons to go for Salesforce LinkedIn integration is its ability to improve your lead generation and conversion rate. The integration will help you import your LinkedIn leads into Salesforce, enabling you to expand your pool of potential leads. 

Also, you’ll be able to work with the superior search functionality of LinkedIn, which will help you with the discovery of leads and increase the chances of conversion. Sales reps would be able to find more suitable leads and connections and reach them out the right way. This will ultimately boost the conversion rate and bring in more profits to the business. 

4. Personalize Sales Outreach

Being able to access your LinkedIn connections from within Salesforce allows the sales team to have a better view of their customer details within the org. It makes it easier for the sales team to access all details quickly and understand them better. 

Having all the details of LinkedIn contacts at their fingertips enables sales reps to personalize their approach to reaching out to them. They can reach out to leads at the right time and the right channel, considering their preferences. The personalized sales outreach ultimately boosts the chances of lead conversion for sales reps. 

5. Improve Sales Productivity

The integration is not just about increasing the number of leads achieved by a business. It also relates to improving the quality of the sales processes. The integration allows the sales team to easily navigate through different profiles, send InMails, and make quick connections without having to leave the Salesforce org. 

The Salesforce integration services will enable the sales team to always be aware of any new connections or leads, enabling them to be quick to plan their next moves. This way, the integration provides a more holistic view of contacts and potential leads, enabling sales teams to be more productive and proactive so they can take the right actions quickly.

Steps to Achieve Salesforce LinkedIn Integration

Let’s understand this integration by looking at the steps involved in it. Hiring the best Salesforce integration partners would help you successfully go through these steps. 

1. Set up custom objects.

Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > New> Name it “LinkedIn Information”

2. Create a Visualforce Page and Controller Class.

– Create an Apex class with the name “LinkedInoAuthController.”

– Go to Setup > Develop > Apex Classes > New

– Then, you need to create a Visualforce page for Authorization with LinkedIn with the name “LinkedInoAuth.”

3. Create an app on LinkedIn.

Now, you need to create a Connected LinkedIn app using the Developer Account of LinkedIn. The LinkedIn app page will look like the image given below. 

4. Now, you need to make the needed changes to the Apex class. 

– Open LinkedInoAuthController class and replace the redirect URL with your Visualforce page preview URL. 

– Then, you need to replace consumerSecret and consumerKey with your Client Secret and client ID.

5. Finally, test the integration. 

– Open LinkedInoAuth Visualforce page for the preview. Click Connect with LinkedIn. You’ll reach a new screen where you have to enter your LinkedIn username and password. 

– After signing in, grant permission to the application. Then, click Complete Authorization. You’ll then get a success message.

Achieve Successful Integrations with the Best Salesforce Integration Partners

Whether it’s about engaging with customers or partners, integrating Salesforce and LinkedIn will help you enhance engagement with them, thus improving relationships. This increases the chance of business chances by boosting the conversion speed and getting more leads than ever. 

That’s something you could achieve when you have the support of a trusted Salesforce partner. Contact us and get such experts to integrate your business apps with Salesforce and achieve a centralized view of all your data. 

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