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Must-Have Features for your Field Service Management Solution

Field Service Management Solution
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For organizations belonging to professional services, it matters the most how they handle their field service. For a growing business, a paper-based system or some disjointed apps would not do the work of managing the field service efficiently as a connected field service management solution would do. That’s where you need a solution efficient enough to bring the teams together to improve the way field service is managed. 

Salesforce Field Service Lightning can be your solution to reduce inefficiencies and connect your operations to boost mobile workers and customer safety. It’s all because of several features that this field service management solution supports, making it easier to handle it all. 

Your Field Service Management Solution Must-Haves

While you can access many capabilities and add-ons, you don’t have to go for them all at once. You need to know the key features that your solution must-have. We have listed here some of such features that you must consider for your field service solution. 

1. End to End Process Alignment

Having a single console system would give you a complete view of field job status, making it easier to assign, track, and cancel job assignments. Dispatchers can be able to view schedules, track locations, and conduct skill-based task assignments. It will also help to eliminate overscheduling or job crossover. 

2. Enable Mobility in the Field

Mobile workers act as the face of your company, and not only in the literal sense. 89% of service decision-makers mention that customer experience with a mobile worker works as a reflection of their brand. This makes it important to deliver the best service, which can be done by implementing mobile capabilities in the field. 

Mobility will empower workers with quick access to information at all times so they need to deliver the best customer service. A connected mobile worker will easily have a complete view of the customer even before arriving at the appointment, thus giving the worker an idea about the service needed by the customer.

3. Manage Everything Digitally

The job completion rate will automatically increase when you manage your work orders digitally. It can prove to be a vital way to instantly track all updates about the assigned field job while making the data visible to everyone involved in real-time. Managing orders digitally also means that there will be no more lost or miscategorized forms, which can seldom be the reason for delays in invoicing. 

4. Add Visibility with Workforce Analytics

A field service management solution reporting and analytics will add value to your operations. It will allow complete visibility into operational performance across the field service. You can track everything from job scheduling to the status of the work.

It will allow users to view metrics like hours billable, hours logged, and the completion rate of work orders. 

5. Self-Service Features for Customers

Your connected field service solution should add convenience for tech-savvy customers with online appointment booking. It can be done either with your customer-facing app or through a customer portal on your website. You can consider issuing ongoing automated notifications and service reminders through your app, email, or text messages.

Get the Field Service Management Solution Your Business Needs

You now know all the top features that your field service solution should possess. But the question is what solution can provide it all to you. Considering Salesforce Field Service Lightning will give your business the ease of managing your field service centrally while adding mobility to your business. Talk to our experts at 360 Degree Cloud to know more ways of improving your field service. 

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