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Say Hello to Einstein GPT: World’s First Generative AI for CRM

Salesforce Einstein GPT: World’s First Generative AI for CRM
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With AI-based content generation tools making a strong hold on the market, how can Salesforce stay behind the trend!

Salesforce officially announced the launch of Einstein GPT, which will help users to generate auto-generated AI content within their Salesforce org. Salesforce Einstein GPT is a new cutting-edge AI-powered tool that has the power to improve your sales multifold. 

Let’s find out more about the tool and how it can be revolutionary for Salesforce users. 

What Exactly is Einstein GPT?

The tool Einstein GPT has the capability to bring the public and private AI models together with CRM, enabling users to get answers through prompts running on natural language with Salesforce. It gives out AI-generated content that could be used by different professionals across the organization, thus saving a lot of research time.

All of this has become possible with the Salesforce and OpenAI partnership, enabling users to access AI-generated content within the Salesforce instance. 

Common Use Cases for Einstein GPT

Before you jump onto using Einstein GPT, consider going through these use cases to understand how the tool works in different aspects. 

For Sales

The sales team probably faces the most difficulty in adopting Salesforce. And the irony is Salesforce it’s the sales team that can benefit the most from it. It’s justified for sales reps to face a lot of friction, leaving Salesforce to research and prepare relevant content for customer engagement, thus spending a lot of time finding the right information. These tasks include:

1. Tracking down external news to do proper research when needed. 

2. Generate email content, plan meetings and events, and prepare for the next customer interaction. 

3. Adding contacts that are not already recorded in Salesforce.

All of this can easily be simplified with Einstein GPT. The tool lets sales reps get visibility into real-time insights related to customers and prospects, which ultimately means a better chance to close deals faster. 

Consider a situation — a prospect account is being transferred to a sales representative. The rep can easily open a sidebar with the Einstein Assistant and ask questions like, “Write an overview about [company name] along with some recent news about it.” 

Einstein GPT will then use the combination of data available in the CRM along with the external data and will provide the needed information. It will even open a view of the Account record and will suggest the next-best action, like “update Account description”.

Not only this, but a sales rep can also ask Einstein to create a personalized email, which can easily be copied straight to the email builder, thus saving a lot of brainstorming and typing time for the rep.

For Service

Service agents of any company usually remain on their toes, attending to customers and ensuring first-call resolution every time. Needless to say, they are usually very much occupied with work. Using Einstein GPT can work as an additional hand to them. 

The team can consider using Einstein GPT for the following:

1. Automatically generate a summary for a case completion using natural language. 

2. Get knowledge articles after being evaluated from the notes related to past cases. 

3. Automatically generate personalized chat replies.

Consider an example; a customer asks a question in chat about the specific of where they’ll be able to use a specific product. GPT will generate a ready-to-use response, including the product specifications and usage. The widget will also provide the next best actions that help to reduce the legwork out of the day of a service agent. 

For Marketing

There would hardly be any marketer now who’s not using Chat GPT at its best, whether it is for writing emails or creating content for landing pages. But now marketers can access the power of GPT in their Salesforce interface as well. 

With the help of Einstein GPT, marketing reps can now generate personalized content that would help engage prospects and customers across the web, email, and mobile. Not just for engagement, but the tool can also help create landing pages. 

For example, a Marketing Manager can ask Einstein GPT to create a template for a landing page and campaign messages. These elements can easily be added to the landing page with a single click. 

For Slack

Einstein can even help enhance collaboration on Slack with the power of AI among teams. It can help you to:

1. Access research tools and insights that could provide needed material like a summary of sales opportunities, etc. 

2. Get writing assistance within Slack. 

3. Service conversation summaries instantly. 

As an example, while conversing in a team meeting channel, Einstein GPT can help you to identify top Opportunities by evaluating your current CRM data and also the latest external news. 

For Developers

No wonder Chat GPT got the quick attention of developers, who acquired a creative and easy way to acquire AI-generated code to boost their productivity. Now, Einstein GPT will take that productivity boost to the next level. 

Einstein would work on Salesforce Research’s proprietary Large Language Model that would help developers to ask questions related to Apex language and generate code.

 For example, in an Apex class, a developer can ask Einstein by beginning to write a comment describing what a method would do. Einstein would generate a smart comment, thus recommending how that comment would be completed. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Power of Einstein GPT. Start Using It Now

It’s time to redefine your CRM game with AI generation within your Salesforce, powered by Einstein GPT. The tool can greatly contribute to boosting the work lives of Salesforce users across the organization, whether for the sales, development, or service team. Start using the tool, and you’d be fascinated by how it can support different Salesforce users’ day-to-day activities. 

If there’s more that you need to know about the tool before you can start using it, contact us and get all your queries resolved by experts at our trusted Salesforce implementation company. Whatever your Salesforce woes are, we’ve got you covered.

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