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Streamline Your Financial Services Operations by Finding the Right Salesforce Implementation Partner Following this Checklist

Find the Right Salesforce Implementation Partner for your financial services firm with this checklist
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One thing that every financial service customer would want to say to their provider is that they prefer this new way of tracking everything online. So, we can’t expect them to return to their pre-pandemic habits. After all, the ease of managing and tracking their finances online is unmatched. In these circumstances, it is essential for the providers too to provide them with the kind of service they expect. Getting help from the right Salesforce implementation partner can be the first step here.

If we talk about the past years, it has been seen that financial services firms are growing their operations digitally to match customer expectations always to have access to their financial data online. 

Even in the sea of uncertainty, whether it’s the pandemic or recession, the digital growth of financial services providers is unmatched. According to a survey by Deloitte, wealth managers expect 75% of their customer engagement to be digital, which is why moving towards innovation is the key to follow.

But while the customers are getting exactly what they need, it can become chaos for the providers to manage everything quickly. That’s where Salesforce can be a great help for business. 

Being in the Salesforce ecosystem for more than a decade and with experience with Salesforce implementation for many fintech firms, we know that a customized Salesforce solution that brings in just the right kind of transformation providers seek for improved efficiency and ease of operations.

Future of Financial Services with Salesforce

Financial services are actively growing in digital innovation and transformation, whether it is about business development, services, or strategy. Salesforce offers these providers much to boost their practices and business operations and reach customer satisfaction. 

Here are some points on how Salesforce can help transform the future of financial services.

Provide easy and transparent experiences

Regarding financial records and details, customers always expect everything to be transparent. Salesforce can help here by:

1. Making the online experience easy through apps and portals.

2. Providing detailed history and view within a single view, all managed on a centralized platform.

3. Providing transparency of their financial information without any hidden costs.

    Show That You Care About the Financial Health of Customers

    Customers don’t just expect to get products from the providers. They want the support of a team who understands their expectations and caters to them. Here’s how a Salesforce implementation company can help:

    1. Salesforce enables you to anticipate their needs by evaluating customer journeys, life events, and behaviors.

    2. You can access reporting and analytics to evaluate the financial health of the customer account and provide them with relevant and personalized recommendations.

    3. You can use predictive intelligence to evaluate what works best for the customer. 

    Use Automation to Deliver Great Experiences

    Even automating simple administrative tasks can increase reps’ efficiency at a financial services firm. Here’s how Salesforce can contribute to the same:

    1. Salesforce enables you to automate workflows to eliminate manual intervention for repetitive tasks. 

    2. You can enable chatbots to enable self-help features for customers for quick assistance.

    3. Automating tasks and activities can help to eliminate the chances of errors associated with manual processes.

    There’s a lot more a Salesforce implementation partner can offer you, but first, you have to ensure you find just the right team. We have provided you with a checklist that can help you with the same. 

    Checklist to Find the Right Salesforce Implement Partner for Financial Services Firms

    The financial operations and data sensitivity make the sector one of the most complex industry sectors. And due to this complexity, it can be tough for providers to manage everything without assistance. 

    That’s where hiring Salesforce implementation services can be a big help in managing everything. But you need to make the right choice of experts here. So, here’s a checklist to follow you choose your Salesforce team.

    Industry expertise: You have to ensure the company you’ll be hiring should have relevant experience in Salesforce implementation and customization for organizations in the financial services domain. The team must also be aware of the compliance and data privacy regulations associated with the industry.

    Salesforce certifications: You make sure that the firm has certified Salesforce professionals with relevant experience in implementing Salesforce solutions for businesses in the financial industry. 

    Maintenance and support: Any change in the policies or new Salesforce releases must be implemented to ensure the system keeps working correctly. So, ensure that the service you hire will provide the needed maintenance and support with the solution. 

    Change management and training: Working with a Salesforce solution might not seem to be easy in the beginning. So, you need a team that can provide the needed training while managing any changes that come up while implementing a new solution in the organization. 

    Customization capabilities: You must ensure the firm you hire can customize your solution to ensure it relates well to your business goals and objectives.

    The Right Salesforce Implementation Partner is Just a Few Clicks Away

    Although you might see finding and hiring Salesforce implementation partners as another work, that one step will completely transform how you work, ensuring you reach customer satisfaction. Considering the complexity of the domain, Salesforce is just what financial services need to streamline their operations and add automation to enhance efficiency and get better results.

    The good thing is you don’t have to struggle to look for a partner. Contact us and find out everything we, as a trusted Salesforce consulting firm, can offer businesses in the financial services sector.

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