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Top Features from the Spring ’23 Release That You Can Implement with the Best Salesforce Consultant

Uncover Top Features from the Salesforce Spring '23 Release and Implement them with the Best Salesforce Consultants
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Salesforce has recently announced its Spring ’23 Release, packed with exciting new features and enhancements to help businesses boost their productivity, improve customer engagement, and drive growth. To make the most of these top features from Spring ‘23 release, companies need to work with the best Salesforce consultants with deep expertise in implementing and customizing Salesforce solutions.

 In this blog, we will explore some of the top features from the Spring ’23 Release and discuss how businesses can work with Salesforce consulting service to implement these features and make your Salesforce investment worthwhile. 

Top Features from the Spring ’23 Release That You Can Implement

Whether you want to have streamlined workflows or improve your customer experience, Spring ‘23 release has features to set everything right. So, let’s identify the top features you can implement with the help of the Salesforce CRM consulting service and keep your system updated with the new release.

1. Dynamic Forms for Cases and Leads

Earlier, Salesforce users were only able to use dynamic forms for standard objects such as Contact, Account, and Opportunity. But the new release will now enable them to use forms for leads and cases too. This feature will help to add flexibility for users in designing screens and applying conditional formatting that will help to eliminate the need to create multiple page layouts.

For example, when creating a new opportunity record, you’ll be able to display only a limited number of fields while in the early stages, adding ease and flexibility. This approach creates a less cluttered page that is easier to navigate, loads faster and is more likely to be completed accurately. 

As the opportunity moves to the next stage, you can reveal another section with relevant fields for that stage. This way, you can customize the page layout and provide the right information at the right time, improving user experience and overall productivity.

2. Organize Reports and Dashboards with Collections

The latest Salesforce update allows users to group related reports and dashboards into collections. This feature enables users to organize and consolidate Salesforce reports and dashboards, regardless of their folder locations, into a single collection. Users can then pin these collections to their home page and share them with others for easy access.

To enable this feature, navigate to Setup and enter “Reports” in the Quick Find box. Then select Reports and Dashboards Settings and choose “Enable the Unified Experience for Analytics Home”. Next, go to the Analytics app in the App Launcher and click the + button in the Collections panel on Unified Home. This opens the New Collection window, where users can enter the collection name and an optional description.

This feature saves users time and effort in locating and accessing related reports and dashboards. This feature also makes sharing collections with other users easier, allowing for improved collaboration and knowledge sharing within the organization.

3. Ability to Track Field History for Tasks and Events

Prior to the latest update, users did not have the capability to monitor the past records of fields related to tasks and events. This resulted in challenges in keeping track of modifications and determining the individual responsible for such changes. However, with the recent release, users can now utilize this feature to effortlessly trace the history of alterations, including information about the person who executed them and the corresponding timestamps.

4. Access Personalized Report Filters

You can now apply dynamic filtering to reports for your team by using the relative value of a user field such as Opportunity Owner or Created by. This allows you to use a single report that will adjust its filter dynamically based on the currently logged-in user, eliminating the need for multiple reports.

5. Enhance Dashboards with Graphics and Text (Beta)

In this release, adding text and graphics to dashboards is currently in beta testing. This feature will enable you to explain charts, describe metrics and KPIs, and add rich text to clarify tables, all within the dashboard context. 

You can also add company logos and branding, flow diagrams, and embedded images to enhance the visual representation of data. If you want to access this feature quickly, consider getting the desired help from trusted Salesforce consulting services.

6. Execute Screen Flows from Slack (Beta)

This feature can now enable you to easily execute a screen flow from Slack without input parameters. This can be done by either using shortcuts or by clicking on a button within Slack. 

You need to define an app or a view in Slack that triggers a flow with the “Make Available in Slack” advanced setting selected to access this feature. You can also build an app to provide users with global shortcuts, message shortcuts, or slash commands that can invoke flows from within Slack.

Access Top Features from the Spring ‘23 Release with Experienced Salesforce Developers

These are just a few features that could give you enhanced usability and productivity with Salesforce. Although you have these features in your knowledge now, to understand and implement them, having the support of reliable Salesforce development services is necessary. 

Being an experienced Salesforce development company, we know how important it is to keep your Salesforce solution updated. Thus, we can help you do the same, keeping your solution scalable for your growing business. Contact us if you want to know more about the latest release. 

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