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What exactly do you mean by using Salesforce for Project Management?

Salesforce for Project Management
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When we talk about Salesforce, all we can think about is its CRM features to help companies to improve client relationships. But the truth is Salesforce is so much more than that. If you have been using Salesforce for a long time, you’ve probably heard about the concept of using Salesforce for project management. But if not, this article is just for you. 

To manage projects, you’d require excellent communication and organization, and that’s something Salesforce is good at. Many companies hire Salesforce managed services to acquire help from certified experts to manage project tasks. Salesforce can easily facilitate complex project management, being a unified source of truth about customers and their project requirements. It allows you to organize tasks better, ensuring better collaboration and data accuracy.

Using Salesforce for Project Management

Salesforce has out-of-box capabilities, which make it great for project management. Let’s evaluate some of the Salesforce project management features that can be great for managing projects while supercharging your workflow. 

1. Chatter

Good communication is key to ensuring efficient Salesforce development, and that’s where Chatter is used. It is a built-in communication tool by Salesforce that allows users to interact on Salesforce records or even within different Chatter groups. 

Using Chatter can save a lot of time waiting for email responses and approvals. You can even customize Chatter and use it for:

  • Tracking feed to get notifications on any change in records
  • Assigning tasks to other users from a Chatter feed
  • Quickly approving or rejecting any record changes

2. Salesforce Tasks 

With the object Salesforce Tasks, you can easily assign tasks to individuals or groups of individuals. It even allows you to set reminders to ensure users finish the assigned tasks on time. 

It’s easy to view tasks in multiple ways as you can view access list views, kanban, table, or split view. It’s an excellent way for Salesforce users to let the team know everything that is required to be done for any project.

3. Reports and Dashboards

To make sure the tasks for any project are on the right track, project managers tend to get holistic project views through reports and dashboards in Salesforce. With Salesforce, you can access the drag-and-drop report and dashboard builder to organize data easily and view the project status and progress. 

These reports can even be customized to overview project details, timelines, budgets, or overdue tasks. They can even help executives stay current on the status of projects running.

4. Account Teams

For any project to complete on time, it is essential to ensure proper teamwork. The Salesforce’s Account Teams feature can be a great help to enable smoother employee teamwork.

Account Teams are groups of users with access to different Account records, Opportunities, Cases, and Contacts. It even helps to keep everyone involved in their responsibilities and ensure they all have access to the needed information.  

Track Project Progress with Salesforce for Project Management 

To ensure successful project delivery, it is essential to keep tracking every project task and status while being notified about every change with the record. Salesforce makes all of this possible by enabling you to access the best project management features. 

You can leverage a lot while using Salesforce for project management. If you want to know it all, contact us to get a detailed understanding with our certified Salesforce consultants. 

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