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What is the SSA 2.0 Framework for Salesforce hiring?

SSA 2.0 Framework
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If you’re someone looking to adopt Salesforce, your first step would be to look for a Salesforce partner. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. We keep hearing about companies hiring the wrong partners and losing money instead of achieving the growth they expected. What’s needed here is a better framework for hiring reliable and valuable Salesforce partners and resources. SSA 2.0 or Strategic Staff Aug 2.0 framework is a modern way to overcome challenges and hire the right staffing partner or resources.

In this article, we’ll learn about this new and efficient staffing framework that will help you overcome common staffing challenges to hire Salesforce resources or partners for your business.

What is SSA 2.0 Framework?

Strategic Staff Aug 2.0 or SSA 2.0 is a new and reliable way of hiring Salesforce partners and resources that could help you work effectively with Salesforce while supporting you in growing your business.

To understand this hiring framework, you should be aware of the two types of partners:

  1. Transactional Staffing Partners: Such a partner would provide you with the needed resources for the prime confirmed without considering the required skills and certifications.
  2. Strategic Staffing Partners: The other types of partners are the ones who would work while making your project vision their project vision. They’ll handle everything from onboarding to paperwork, offboarding, and feedback. They’ll evaluate your project goals and choose the most suitable resource or create a dream team for you. 

Although choosing a strategic staffing partner is the most reliable choice for hiring a certified Salesforce professional, SI firms still have been losing a lot of money by choosing the wrong staffing partnerships. Even the most sincere firms got stuck in the loop instead of growing. That’s where Strategic Staff Aug 2.0 framework would help to address the challenge. 

This framework can be considered a modern bare minimum standard to hire a useful and reliable Salesforce partner. So, we can say that SSA 2.0 is a framework that can be used by organizations that help them choose the right talent staffing partner.

Areas to Evaluate with SSA 2.0 Framework

SSA 2.0 framework focuses on three prime areas to conduct evaluation:

1. Salesforce Partner Credentials

There can be times when companies look for any random Salesforce partner to fulfill the immediate requirement, but that’s a wrong approach. Proper research is required to onboard the right partner with good experience. At the minimum, consider looking for Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with certified resources.

2. Trust and Credibility

We often hear companies cheating their clients, due to which they’ve started losing trust and confidence in Salesforce partners. There are shadow resourcing and white labeling cases, making it more difficult for clients to trust partners. So, finding a good partner that can be trusted with your business and has no history of cheating or fraud is essential, and SSA 2.0 makes that possible.

3. Value Addition

To ensure the partner you hire adds value to your business, you should know if the partner is ready to walk that extra mile to help you achieve the growth you’ve been wanting. Some factors that can account for value addition in your business include resource availability, resource quality, skill development, effective communication, and team models. The Salesforce partner you hire should work hand in hand with you, keeping you in the loop with each progress made. 

Hire the Right Staffing Partner with SSA 2.0 Framework

It’s high time you don’t get stuck with the wrong Salesforce partner or resources. SSA 2.0 framework can be your way to get a partner that would contribute to the success of your business without any hidden motives or cost. 

You can contact us to learn more about the framework or acquire the most experienced and certified Salesforce professionals. 

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