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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

We Believe in and Foster Equality in our Organization and Partner Ecosystem

We believe in equality for all, and this is something that clearly reflected in our teams and organization. Our values drive innovation, foster connections, and create lasting impact. Our Partner Ecosystem is diverse and inclusive, reflecting the communities we serve. Our goal is not just to find and train talent but also to ensure the growth of our partners from all backgrounds. By helping them to grow and expand, we create opportunities that benefit everyone. This effort sets us apart and helps us make a real difference in people’s lives, fostering innovation and stronger connections along the way. At 360 Degree Cloud, our commitment to equality extends to supporting underrepresented minorities (URM) and groups (URG), all communities, religions, regions, and races. Our talented teams are comprised of Women, LGBTQ+, and People with Disabilities. We also have talents from all regions like North India, South India, North-east, etc. By focusing on workforce development and entrepreneurship, we aim to empower every individual and community and drive positive change in society. Through collaboration with our partners, we strive to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive ecosystem that fosters innovation and creates opportunities for all. We also offer equal opportunities, training programs tailored for women, and inclusive policies such as maternity leave for the advancement and growth of female employees.

We Aim to Create a More Diverse Workgroup

At our organization, ensuring a diverse workforce is a top priority. We actively seek out individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, genders, ages, and experiences to join our team. This commitment to diversity is reflected in our hiring practices, where we prioritize candidates from diverse backgrounds for open positions. We believe that a diverse workforce brings a wealth of perspectives and ideas, driving innovation and creativity within our organization. By tapping into a diverse talent pipeline and actively promoting inclusivity, we create an environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

We Strive for Diverse Partners

Our organization actively seeks partnerships with individuals or entities representing diverse backgrounds, including different genders, castes, religions, age groups, and disabilities. We value inclusivity and aim to collaborate with a wide range of partners to foster diversity and enrich our network. We also focus on fostering the growth and expansion of Salesforce partners from diverse backgrounds. It involves offering resources such as education, networking opportunities, access to potential customers and contracts, as well as connections to partners. By providing these avenues for advancement, we aim to empower diverse partners to thrive and succeed in the marketplace, contributing to overall economic growth and fostering a more inclusive business environment.