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How to Get Your Product Adoption-Ready

Product Adoption
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In this digital age, the software-as-a-service market is growing at an unprecedented rate. Many such solutions offer numerous features and benefits, but only a few are able to survive the market competition and ensure achieving true product adoption among users. 

It’s a common issue that makes us wonder if adoption was given the necessary consideration when the product was in the development stage. Developers should focus on adoption as a strategy. This is important to ensure that users find the product easy to implement and use, or your product will keep struggling to succeed in the market. 

Steps to Ensure Product Adoption

The question here is how do you make sure that your product is designed for the easy use of customers? Here’s a checklist that can help you ensure that your product is adoption-ready.

1. Create the right documentation

Many times product fails due to insufficient and inaccurate documentation that leads to customers’ inability to understand the product. 

Make sure you invest in creating documentation that comprehensively covers persona and scenario-based usage of a product. It should also show the visual representation of complex data models for a better understanding of customers.

2. Set up an enablement strategy

You need to make sure that your product enablement and launch are going hand in hand. When you don’t have sufficient enablement sessions and materials, it will always remain a visionary idea to get people to use your product to its full potential.

Consider combining the enablement sessions and webinars with feedback so you can keep learning and making relevant improvements. 

3. Examine your support channels

To ensure product success, you need to invest in the latest digital support channels to simplify customer adoption. You can work on different types of support channels from traditional methods of case-based support and FAQs to AI-based query resolution, self-service portals, chatbots, and in-app guidance.

4. Prepare for a smooth onboarding experience

It’s true that first impressions are the most lasting ones. For your product, the onboarding process would be the first impression and you need to ensure that it’s smooth. 

Many companies with successful products conduct extensive email marketing to send personalized onboarding emails highlighting support channels, key resources, and ways to collaborate with other users.

5. Work on outreach

To ensure your product gets adopted successfully, you need to set up an interactive outreach process. 

You need to invest in an outreach process that connects with customers to identify feedback on features, product challenges, future needs, and ideas for improvement. It will help to let your customers know that they are being heard by the team. 

6. Evaluate adoption metrics

You should build adoption metrics and insightful dashboards to gauge the efficacy of the product adoption. This will keep you aware of the product adoption progress and you’ll also be able to see where the effort needs to be strengthened.

You can track some typical adoption metrics like: 

  • adoption rates
  • monthly or daily active users
  • usage frequency for monitoring adoption levels

Achieve Successful Product Adoption with Salesforce Experts

Just like the saying- slow and steady wins the race, Salesforce product adoption takes time to rise and thrive. Choosing the right adoption strategy could be a great start to creating an ecosystem of supporters that will help you create your success stories. 

All the above-mentioned points help your product to get adoption-ready. And still, if you prefer getting expert advice, talk to our Salesforce developers for the best guidance.

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