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How 360 SMS App Puts an End to Your Search for Marketing Campaign Ideas

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In this technology-driven era, it is almost impossible to survive in the competitive market without any appropriate strategies or planning. Every business firm requires the help of an effective marketing campaign strategy in order to stand out in the market. The 360 SMS App completely serves the purpose by being a Salesforce App which provides you with exceptional services and that too, at a very decent price. The app provides the customers with bulk SMS feature along with conversational 1-on-1 texting all at the same time. It also highlights the feature of automated texting, surveys and one can even schedule reminders with the help of it as per their personal choices.

Here are some detailed features of the app which may help you to understand it with much deeper knowledge:


1. Bulk SMS/ Automated Texting: This app allows you to send an SMS to all of your required customers at the same time. Apart from bulk texting, it also permits you for the conversational 1-on-1 texting with your prospects, clients or even your business partners.

2. Customized Templates with Hyperlink Tracking Option: Our app is a Salesforce Certified app offering you to even make customization to your templates with any objects or associated fields, and here it provides you with the link tracking option as well so that you can keep a track of the hyperlink which you may have attached in your SMS. You can get to know how many people opened the link by this feature.

3. SMS History Along with Attractive Dashboard: The app even brings you an easy access to your SMS History along with an attractive dashboard panel in which you can see the incoming messages, read them directly from there, or even reply to them, mark them as read or directly unsubscribe as well which ultimately saves your time.

4. Ease of Conducting Surveys/ Scheduling Reminders: With the help of this app, one can easily conduct differentiated surveys as per their requirements and get to know their target audience with much ease. Scheduling Reminders or other various messages becomes an easy task with our app. And it is always better staying close to your customers in one or the other way.

5. Global Coverage with Multiple Languages: Our Salesforce Certified 360 SMS App supports 190+ countries worldwide providing language support in almost every language of your choice.

Still waiting? Come, witness the unleashing power of SMS with respect to your marketing campaign. A Salesforce approved Texting App is the ultimate solution which you were looking for the growth of your business till now. 

This app is natively built on the Salesforce platform, completely allowing the user to communicate effectively with Customers, Prospects and Business Partners across the globe. Also, it helps teams to connect even with a bigger number of clients through anonymous features like Automation, SMS templates, Link Building, etc. Gaining huge respect in Salesforce Market, for its easy accessibility, simple to use policy and versatility in terms of the long run. Moreover, it’s capable of promoting products and enables you to reach more perspective in a fast, better and effective manner. Increase your customer engagement with short and crisp informative texts instead of going for the long descriptive emails and see your business grow like never before.

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