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Leverage a Complete Customer Engagement Platform for E-Commerce Success

Customer Engagement Platform for E-Commerce
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For any e-commerce service, one thing that is the most important is its customers. Thus, they need to have an end-to-end platform that would keep the business connected to customers. This is where they need a customer engagement platform for e-commerce success. In other words, they need a connected customer platform that will help them deliver exceptional services and experienced to customers.

For e-commerce companies using Salesforce, connecting the platform with B2B e-commerce infrastructure will help the sales to go through roof. The connected platform will:

  • Increase the visibility of sales and service reps into customer activity 
  • Provide better tracking of the order flow. 
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Help to achieve customer insights

The Power of Customer Engagement Platform for E-Commerce

Companies that evaluate new e-commerce solutions and applications emphasize too much on individual functions and features of the e-commerce application. Because of this, they miss emphasizing how much their e-commerce platform is connected to all the other customer touchpoints.

Meeting the functional requirements for B2C or B2B commerce is not nearly enough to deliver an exceptional customer experience. To achieve great customer engagement, make sure that all channels are connected and working well. Salesforce integration can connect your CRM with your e-commerce application to track every insight and connect with customers through different channels.

Considerations While Using Customer Engagement Platform for E-Commerce

A study shows that 69% of customers look for a connected experience when indulging with a company. Although omnichannel behavior can make it difficult to deliver a connected experience, customers always expect that at least the representatives reaching them out through different channels should have the same information.

So before you start using a customer engagement platform for e-commerce success, here are some considerations that will help you deliver on customer expectations.

1. Data Economy

Customers prefer companies that use technologies to bring new ways to reach out to them. This is the reason organizations should start looking for platforms for exceptional data integration. They need a platform that could help maintain the same customer record in services as in e-commerce. This will help in streamlining business processes with a single source of data.

2. Trust

When it is about building trust with customers, there are several factors you need to work on:

  • Service reliability
  • Data security
  • Transparency
  • Customer privacy

Make sure that all the channels of customer engagement should be actively available and secure at all times. Studies show that almost 54% of customers say that it has become harder to trust brands. It also shows that 73% say that trust has become a more important factor than ever.

3. Agility

Evolution is necessary for the customer engagement ecosystem. You need to make sure that your platform is optimized to run the release cycles automatically. It will save your team from manually checking and updating the changes. 

A connected platform for e-commerce uses common tools throughout the different touchpoints. So, it will require minimal or no effort to reflect those changes onto the system. This makes the platform agile and scalable.

4. Growth

Customers might not ask any company directly, but they are always concerned about connecting only with companies with a plan to grow. Make sure you keep working on the continuous growth of the business with hiring and training processes. 

You can hire a Salesforce consulting partner to educate the people inside your organization. It will help to maximize the use of CRM for better e-commerce results.

Deliver the Best Experience with a Customer Engagement Platform for E-Commerce

Customer-centricity is the key to business growth. For an e-commerce business, it is important to stay updated with customer insights and behavior changes. Connecting Salesforce with your e-commerce solution will provide a unified view and single source of truth to all representatives in different departments.

Get in touch with our certified Salesforce experts to discuss your business expectations and learn how we can help your e-commerce business grow.

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