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Marketing Cloud Hacks You Must Try

Marketing Cloud Hacks
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For any Marketing Cloud professional, it is important to know the ins and outs of the product so it can be used to its full potential. Marketing Cloud can be considered as a fully-loaded platform that has a lot to offer. Even there can be times even the experienced Salesforce experts won’t be aware of some fascinating Marketing Cloud hacks that can be highly fruitful. 

Marketing Cloud has brought a revolution in the way businesses have been trying to optimize their marketing campaigns. It has allowed marketers to create and run personalized campaigns and track their performance. To make the most of it, marketers should know some more detailed hacks to work exceptionally with the product.

5 Marketing Cloud Hacks to Try

To make sure the marketing team is doing the best, they need to know everything Salesforce Marketing Cloud is capable of. So, to maximize its use, we have listed here some of the intuitive hacks to work with the Marketing Cloud. 

1. Create Data Extensions Easily

No wonder you’ll be wishing if the data extension could be created automatically. That can be possible with Marketing Cloud There’s a trick you can use when you want to include many fields in the data extension. Here’s how it can be done.

  • Copy and run the SQL in Query Studio which you are using in the Automation Studio. 
  • Click Extract to Contact Builder when you have the records in Query Studio.
  • Clicking on the option will create a data extension that includes all the fields you needed. 

But remember that as of now this option only create a data extension with teat fields, irrespective of what the data type is in the source extension.  

2. Use Data Relationships

It is very common for marketers to miss out on this incredible feature. Using this feature, the marketing team can easily link two data extensions with the help of a relationship. After you have created the relationship you’ll be able to select fields from one extension while you apply a filter on the other extension. 

3. Work with Subscriber Filter

While working with Marketing Cloud, setting the campaign to ‘All Subscriber’ will help you share the campaign enterprise-wide. The other way is to use Subscriber Filter which can be used by the admin to define the subscriber for each campaign. The feature helps to choose subscribers for a business unit, on the basis of certain values and attributes of the subscriber.  

4. Enable Brand Builder

Among the most interesting Marketing Cloud hacks is using the Brand Builder. It allows teams to customize the color scheme and user interface for specific parts of the account of Marketing Cloud. Using this feature you can customize the email page, subscription center, Marketing Cloud login page, and Marketing Cloud application. 

5. Use URL Expiration

For businesses related to the entertainment industry, it is very common to send out emails for promotions in advance, which will be way too prior that the actual date of the event. But doing so they faced trouble that when customers tend to click on the CTA, they end up getting errors instead of reaching the landing page. That’s because the URL expiration was set to the date before the event, which made the URL expire even before the event. 

The feature of URL expiration is very useful when used in the right way. It allows you to control when the URL will expire. So, be conscious when you use it as setting the wrong expiration time might cost a lot to the business.

Maximize Your Marketing Potential with Marketing Cloud Hacks

The right marketing can bring a lot of value and profits for a business. You just need to know the right way to use the Marketing Cloud. Using all these Marketing Cloud hacks can open your way to creating amazing campaigns that could bring in the best results. 

Use the Marketing Cloud in the best way possible with our certified experts. Contact our team to maximize the potential of your marketing campaigns.

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