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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Post-Launch Care for Salesforce Projects

Post-Launch Care

It’s common these days to hire Salesforce developers and other professionals to work on and manage Salesforce projects. But getting the project developed cannot be considered as the work done. The projects further need post-launch care to make sure the features stay updated with each upcoming Salesforce release. 

Many people end up making the mistake of considering the project to be completed after the launch and miss out on focusing on post-implementation support. Salesforce CRM keeps getting updated continuously, which makes it important to make sure our Salesforce applications are well-aligned with the new updates, making post-launch care necessary. 

Include Post-Launch Care for Salesforce Projects

As a company hires Salesforce experts for developing Salesforce applications and customization, the need is to ensure that they should also provide the post-implementation support to keep updating the application as the business grows. Here we have listed types of care that are necessary post-implementation. 

1. User Adoption

Even if the Salesforce developers have added revolutionary features to your project, it will only be considered useful if the potential users of the application can use all those features. Even the most cutting-edge technologies tend to fail because users are not able to work through them. 

This is why it is important to make sure that your Salesforce developers provide the needed knowledge material, training sessions, or videos to ensure user adoption for the Salesforce applications. Here are some points that can be included:

  • Train the staff to use the system
  • Provide concise and lucid knowledge and training material
  • Provide technical and non-technical support to users

2. Upgrade and Optimize

After the implementation work is completed, the need is to upgrade the system when required and maintain it accordingly. As you keep using your Salesforce solution, you might want to integrate it with other third-party applications and add-ons. 

Businesses need to constantly work on their Salesforce org to get it ready for data visualizations and integration that might keep coming in the way. The continuous process to upgrade the Salesforce solution would need experts to maintain it after the implementation. 

3. Continuous Improvement

Working on a Salesforce solution means focusing on continuous improvement of the Salesforce instance. After the implementation of the Salesforce project, you need to make sure that experts work continuously including new features that would enhance the capabilities of the Salesforce solution. 

Get Project Support with Post-Launch Care

While hiring Salesforce experts for Salesforce project development, make sure to get on board a team that could develop your Salesforce application and also provides the post-launch care to upgrade the system whenever required. 

Contact our experts to discuss your project requirements and get the Salesforce-certified team that will take your business a long way.


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