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5 Best AppExchange Apps to bring in Sales Productivity

Sales team productivity has always been a constant topic of conversation in the industry — and for a good reason.
According to the third edition of Salesforce’s State of Sales report, sales representatives tend to spend only 34% of their time actually selling their products and services.
That same research also mentioned that sales reps end up spending too much time on administrative tasks like inputting sales data, managing emails, and creating follow-up tasks.
So the question is how do you increase productivity among your team?
We did the heavy lifting here, so you didn’t have to. We’ve compiled a list of the five best Salesforce apps from AppExchange that can help to extend your CRM functionalities to improve your sales team’s productivity.

1. 360 SMS App

360 SMS is a powerful app natively built on the Salesforce platform. The application empowers users to communicate effectively with Customers, Prospects, and Business Partners across the globe through different SMS features like single/ bulk SMS/ MMS.
The app also supports anonymous features like Automation, SMS templates, Link Building, etc. to help teams connect with a large number of clients.
360 SMS App has the capability to conduct effective marketing of your products and services, helping you to reach more and more clients in a fast, easy and effective way.
The app helps you increase your customer reach with short and crisp informative messages. With the app, you don’t have to send out long descriptive emails anymore and see your business grow like never before.
The top features of the 360 SMS app include:
    Automated/Triggered Texting:
You can send messages with process builders, workflows, or Apex methods.
    Batch Texting AKA Bulk SMS:
You can run bulk SMS campaigns via Reports, Views, or Campaign.
    Conversational 1-on-1 Texting:
You can access threaded text messages on any object with the Conversation View VF page.
    SMS Templates:
Access SMS templates that are easy to create and can be customized with any object and associated field.
    Hyperlink Click Tracking:
You can even add hyperlinks to your SMS that can be tracked, so you can know how many people have clicked on the link.
    Email Alerts on Incoming SMS:
Get email notifications for incoming SMS to speed up the response time on the SMS.

2. Conga Composer

Conga Composer helps to streamline workflows by automatically populating richly-formatted templates to create sophisticated digital documents. It is one of the highly used apps on the Salesforce AppExchange, that has been offering global solutions for more than 8,000 customers.
You can develop everything from quotes to invoices to contracts using pre-built or customized templates with data automated from Salesforce
Even if you need to merge data from multiple systems with various media attachments, Conga Composer allows you to do so. This will allow you to speed up necessary communications without wasting time and effort on reformatting data.
The top Conga Composer App features include:
    Document format conversion
    Pre-built or customized templates
    Workflow automation
    Salesforce data automation for various document creation
    Document delivery

3. Docusign

The app enables Zoom’s native integration with Salesforce that helps you to seamlessly meet with your customers, scale webinars, and efficiently manage your sales calls.DocuSign is the most popular electronic signature (eSignature) solution for businesses. The application has over 500,000 customers — including Salesforce.
This popular eSignature platform helps to increase sales productivity by allowing you to pull in information from Salesforce and use it to automatically generate agreements.
The app allows you to capture, track, and store information without having to leave Salesforce. DocuSign also offers bi-directional mapping that helps to remove human error with automated data entry.
Top DocuSign App Features:
    One-click eSignature requests
    Document storage
    Agreement process automation
    Salesforce data automation for various document Bi-directional information mapping

4. Formstack

Formstack allows you to build a form, customize the design, and collect data directly within your Salesforce org. You can dynamically prefill data from any object, which will ultimately improve form experience and increase productivity.
The app helps to:
    Eliminate Data Silos:
You no more have to deal with paper forms and data silos. Formstack for Salesforce helps to automate the entire process, from data collection to digital signature.
    Save Valuable Time:
Formstack for Salesforce automates your most tedious processes to eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks.
    Consolidate Your Tools
Formstack provides you with a comprehensive suite of tools for Salesforce through which you can automate documents, build digital forms, and collect e-signatures without having to leave Salesforce.
The top features of the app include:
    Native Builder
    Salesforce Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
    Progressive Data Capture
    Payment Processing
    Community Cloud Forms
    Powerful Security (compliance for HIPAA, FedRamp, and FERPA)

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce

This app allows sales professionals to leverage Embedded Profiles without leaving their CRM. They can search for key insights on buyers, stay updated on relevant events, news, and activities, see recommended leads and send InMails directly to contacts.
Admins can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce to customize the interface and create a more immersive experience to fit their team’s needs.
Here are some more interesting features of the app that makes it a great pick to bring in sales productivity.
It allows sales managers and professionals to keep CRM data up-to-date automatically with the help of LinkedIn Data Validation.
Determine contacts associated with incorrect accounts, and use out-of-the-box reports to learn about opportunities at risk.
Sales representatives can access essential contact information quicker as all customer data will be displayed on Sales Navigator Lead pages.
Reps can redirect their transmitted notes, InMails, and PointDrive views from the Sales Navigator to Salesforce.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial for businesses to find ways to increase sales team productivity to achieve visible growth on charts. Salesforce AppExchange allows you to integrate some of the best Salesforce apps that are built explicitly for improving sales productivity while ensuring the overall success of the business.
While there are numerous Salesforce apps to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of the integrations we’ve listed above that will help your sales team productivity soar.

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