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Improve your Lead Conversion
rate by 4X with this 5-star
rated App

Conversions are the lifeblood of company revenue, but they’re notoriously hard unless your follow-ups are persistent and on-point. We’re about to show you how the 360 SMS app could help you with just that.

360 SMS is a texting app natively built on the Salesforce platform.

It’s a powerful app empowers the user to communicate effectively with customers globally through single or bulk messaging over eight pre-built channels. Additionally, 360 SMS helps teams to connect with a large number of clients through features like Automation, SMS templates, Link Building, etc.

The app makes advanced SMS features easily accessible and simple to use. It gives users all the tools they need to set up journeys on any channel. It’s also a 5-star rated app on AppExchange.

Increase your customer reach with short and crisp informative messages much faster and effectively instead of long descriptive emails so your business moves conversations further meaningfully. Here’s list of key features you get out of the box.

Key Features of 360 SMS App

The Salesforce Optimizer Report is a free and simple tool that helps to remove the guesswork out of your Salesforce org, efficiently looking for potential problems in your implementation. It allows you to generate a PDF report to flag potential issues that may be responsible for hindering the performance of your instance.
The report you derive will be easy to reach and will help you identify items that are outside of what Salesforce considers the healthy range. It will also show the impact of those issues if you leave them unaddressed. Thus, it’s safe to say that Salesforce not just spots issues but also provides necessary recommendations to resolve them.

How 360 SMS App Can Help You Get More Leads

Avoid Missed Follow-Ups
You might agree that skipping follow-ups adversely affects conversion rate. To a great degree, conversions depend on how consistently you engage with your customers.
There may be other brands too that are trying to win a specific prospect at the same time. But if the offethe exhibits more commitment and stays in the prospect’s mind is more likely to convert a lead. This is the power of follow-ups.
According to IRC Sales Solutions research, on average only 2% of leads convert during the first point of contact.
Not just one, it may take two, three, or more follow-ups to convert a lead.
To stay on top of follow-ups, 360 SMS allows you to schedule a series of follow-up texts using 360 SMS drip campaigns.
The scheduled sequence of messages helps you build trust without manual intervention and pull attention to the the previous or ongoing conversation.  
Follow-up text after a call 1
Follow-up text after a product demo 1

Collect Data for Segmentation and Run Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Data is the biggest asset to creating more personalized and targeted SMS campaigns. You may need a new type of data to accommodate every new use case and create a targeted marketing campaign.
So, to provide you with the ease of data collection, 360 SMS provides you with no-code and easily configurable decision trees (also called as itext). It lets you configure text Surveys, Questionnaires, and Polls with simple point-and-click capabilities.
Consequently, you can configure a sequence of questions and answers every time you want to collect a unique type of data without investing a single penny and depending on experts.
Later, you can segment customers based on the collected data and run more targeted campaigns for more conversions.

Trigger Messages Instantly and Seize the Opportunity Right Away

The more time you take to respond, the lesser leads you have in your sales pipeline. And lead generation is the very first step that helps you drive conversions.
Longer wait times may irate potential customers and compel them to switch to other competitors.
Thus, to respond immediately in the event of an incoming lead, you can automate and trigger responses to seize the opportunity right away.
On the flip side, 360 SMS incoming sidebar notify you of every incoming text. You can manage and prioritize text responses based on the user-specified color codes.
Color codes let you find out how long ago each message was received. This way, you can respond to each SMS and take necessary actions on time.
Automated text to trigger instant response

Connect with Audiences Where They Already Are

Connecting audiences over their preferred channel keep customers happy, and they are more likely to respond. This is why businesses look forward to multi-channel interactions and integrate multiple channels.
But the case is a bit different with 360 SMS when it comes to multi-channel interaction. It eliminates the need for separate integrations and provides you with 8 built-in channels for business communications.
This includes SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, WeChat, Viber, CTI, and Voicemails. Thus, you can effortlessly send single, bulk, and automated messages and connect with audiences over their preferred channels.

Get Started with the 360 SMS App

Now you know the app that can bring a difference in your lead conversion rate. Access the app to get your targeted campaigns running that could bring you more leads, thus more profits.

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