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Sign the Forms Digitally and Speed up your Processes

Paperwork doesn’t always mean actually handling work on paper for legal binding.
But for someone who wants these documents to be more enforceable, a few changes to the documentation process can make all the difference. What you need here is a dedicated eSignature app to simplify adding digital signatures.
Whether you want an app to electronically sign a document or want to send documents out to get them digitally signed by other business partners, we’ve got just the right recommendations for you.
We’ve tested many signature apps, and these are the five best apps that you can consider using to accelerate documentation:

1. DocuSign

If we talk about the most popular electronic signature apps available, DocuSign will always be on top of the list, and for good reasons.

The application is great to use and it consists of all features that people look for in an eSignature app.

It’s pretty straightforward to get started with DocuSign:
Step 1. Sign up for a free trial.
Step 2. Almost immediately it will ask you to upload a document.
Step 3. Prepare the document for signatures
Step 4. Send it to recipients.
DocuSign enables users to easily keep track of lots of different documents you manage at different stages of the signing process.
In the Manage dashboard, you’ll find a sidebar with an Inbox for any ‘envelopes’ or documents you’ve received. The Sent box will have the documents you’ve sent, and in the Drafts tab, you’ll find the documents you’re working on.
Here’s a run-down of DocuSign’s top features:
The app helps to maximize your Salesforce investment and streamline your processes, thus boosting productivity.
You can use Salesforce data to create agreements with Salesforce data.
The documents that are signed along with the signer-provided data is automatically written back to Salesforce.
DocuSign supports a clicks-not-code configuration, making it easier for teams to deploy it quickly without complex integrations across multiple clouds.
DocuSign eSignature meets multiple compliance standards like HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 27001-certified, and FedRAMP.

2. Conga Sign

If you’re still capturing signatures the old-fashioned way, you surely would have observed how slow and needlessly complicated the process is. You can completely transform this experience of yours with Conga Sign.
The application enables users to secure the signatures needed for business-critical transactions with efficient and fast eSignatures, thus speeding up the process. We’ve listed some of the benefits that the app offers:
The app allows you to speed up approvals and reduce the time to confirmation, which earlier took days.
It securely allows you to sign documents, helping you save money, and reduce risk while creating an efficient signing experience.
The app supports global compliance. It complies with multiple global regulations for eSignature, like eIDAS, the ESIGN Act, and UETA.
Another interesting thing about the app is that it seamlessly integrates with other Conga products like CLM, Composer, and CPQ. You can access one-click integration by Composer to send eSignature requests right when you create documents.

3. PandaDoc

We all like to get paid, and this is something PandaDoc is making happen easily. The app seamlessly makes getting paid a part of your contract signing workflow, even when you’re using a free plan.
You can set the application ensuring when someone signs documents that you’ve sent, they simply enter their credit card information and get charged. If you’re someone who sends contracts to people for a specific service, PandaDoc can prove to be a great way to tie all processes together.
PandaDoc can be integrated with different payment gateways, including Square, Stripe, and PayPal.
To set up payments, create an account with the specific gateway that you’re willing to use, then go to Settings > Integrations > Payment Gateways and enable the setting.
You should note that PandaDoc isn’t exclusively for collecting payments, and you can do lots of other things with it as well.
The app allows your clients to attach files to the document so can send contracts out for signing without them.
The dashboard of PandaDoc lists the dollar value of the contracts at every stage of the signing process. It even has sections for Paid and Unpaid contracts.
You even get three sample documents that are a sales proposal, an invoice, and a sales quote.

4. HelloSign

HelloSign is one of the best alternatives to DocuSign and is now owned by Dropbox.
It’s one of the electronic signature apps that are the easiest to use. The app offers a great free plan and unlimited signature requests per month with the basic paid plan.
Once you log in, you’ll get two options to choose from:
send or sign something,  
create a template (when you’re using a paid plan).
Apart from a simple user interface, there are many features of HelloSign that make it one of the best eSignature apps.
HelloSign supports easy integrations with cloud storage platforms. It does not just work great with Dropbox, but also with Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Evernote.
The app is configurable with Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Communities.
It supports custom templates. As you’ll go to higher plans, you can access custom branding, advanced team management, and enable multiple users.
The app populates templates automatically with Salesforce data.

5. signNow

For some companies, paperwork can be a team effort requiring approvals and reviews. In such situations, you would need employees from different departments to collaborate and conduct document verification before they are sent out.
Many electronic signature apps charge a significant cost for each user and as you keep adding two or three extra accounts, the cost goes double or triple. That’s where you need signNow, the application which makes it all easy and at a low cost.
This is one of the most favorite apps for small teams as it doesn’t have a separate personal or individual plan.
The Business plan of the application starts at $20/user/month when paid monthly. But if you go for an annual payment, it’s just $8/user/month; affordable, isn’t it?
We’ve listed here some of the amazing features that we found while using the app.
You can add fillable fields along with Salesforce annotations.
The app allows you to bind data to form fields. It enables automatic update of Salesforce records once a form is filled.
You can set reminders and the document expiration date.
You can manage multiple signers and set their specific orders.

Wrapping Up

We’re sure that all these applications for E-Signature in salesforce will simplify your day-to-day processes, helping you speed up your workflow. Although, there are many other apps we could cover we just greatest hits for you. Feel free to look around AppExchange for more gems that suit your process and capability needs.

So go ahead. Try out these apps and if you face any difficulty or need some guidance, our certified Salesforce experts are just a call away.

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