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Let's find out Potential Problems
in your Salesforce with
Optimizer Report

We all know Salesforce as a powerful CRM but if not implemented right, you might not end up achieving the productivity you expected. You need to be able to evaluate if the health of your Salesforce org is good enough to be fully functional. Salesforce Optimizer Report can be your secret weapon to help you out.
The Salesforce Optimizer Report gives Admins an insight into the general health and performance of their Salesforce org. We have been working with Salesforce Optimizer to evaluate the Salesforce instance of our customers to determine how their organization uses Salesforce features to generate suitable recommendations for how they can optimize existing feature usage along with ways to simplify customizations and drive user adoption.

What is the Salesforce Optimizer Report?

The Salesforce Optimizer Report is a free and simple tool that helps to remove the guesswork out of your Salesforce org, efficiently looking for potential problems in your implementation. It allows you to generate a PDF report to flag potential issues that may be responsible for hindering the performance of your instance.
The report you derive will be easy to reach and will help you identify items that are outside of what Salesforce considers the healthy range. It will also show the impact of those issues if you leave them unaddressed. Thus, it’s safe to say that Salesforce not just spots issues but also provides necessary recommendations to resolve them.

What’s Covered in the Salesforce Optimizer Report

The Salesforce Optimizer Report reviews areas related to the data limits and configuration within your organization. It consists of, but is not limited to:
    org limits
    page layouts
    configuration-related items like custom fields
    automation items like validation rules and workflow
    permission-related items like permission sets and profiles
Along with this, the report also covers aspects related to user adoption and overall usabilities such as users accessing Salesforce with older apps or browsers and features that they are not fully utilizing.
The Salesforce Optimizer Report has three main sections.
1. Review
It is the first part of the report that reveals everything that Salesforce found in your org (both good and not so good aspects).
2. Optimization
Next, the report will show the possible options on how you can remove some of these red flags.  
3. Resources
In the last section, Salesforce provides training materials and tutorials for educating its users.
Now, let’s give a look at the steps to enable the Salesforce optimizer

How to Enable Salesforce Optimizer

You don’t have to worry as It’s very easy quick and easy to setup Salesforce Optimizer. You don’t have to install any package as it’s enabled from Setup. You need these permissions to be able to run it:
    Customize Application
    Modify All Data, and
    Manage Users.
  • Navigate to the Setup menu and search ‘Optimizer’ in the quick search box.
  • Select ‘Allow Access’ and you will be able to launch the app.
  • You’ll get the option to create a PDF immediately. You can also set the app to automatically run and update once a month.
Once the analysis is completed, you will receive an email about it. If you choose to generate a PDF, it will get saved in your Salesforce org as a file. Now that you’ve seen how to use the Salesforce Optimizer to check if your Salesforce is performant you can use this PDF for ready reference on
how to enable Salesforce optimizer.

Before You Go

With all this brief, we can confidently say that running the Salesforce Optimizer Report should be an important part of your governance process. As you work with different enhancement projects, it can be difficult to ensure if a suite of features in your org is working at full potential and where there the report will help you.

While you work on continuously enhancing and customizing your Salesforce, analyzing its health alongside is essential. Reach out to our certified Salesforce professionals for a quick Salesforce health checkup.

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