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Our Top 10 Feature picks from Winter'23 Release

It can be ‘winters’ for the people, but for Salesforce users, it is ‘Winter ‘23’.
It’s time for Salesforce users and enthusiasts to fasten their seatbelts as we’ll start the ride through the top features of the Salesforce Winter ‘23 release that gained our attention.

As a Salesforce consulting agency, we always walk parallel to the new Salesforce releases and updates to implement the same for our customers. After all, we won’t want our customers to miss anything trending.

We took some time and looked at what this release brought with it.
After a thorough evaluation, we picked out the top 10 features of Winter ‘23 that no Salesforce user should miss out on.
Let’s start with our top picks from the latest release.

1. Analytics Home

This brand-new feature by Salesforce enables users to aggregate dashboards, reports, and various other analytics in a single place for better evaluation and tracking.

2. Retirement of Workflow Rules

With the latest Salesforce release, you cannot create new Workflow Rules.
You’ll still be able to edit your existing workflows as they will keep running. Salesforce just eliminated the capability to create new ones.

3. Dynamic Forms

The long wait of Salesforce users is finally over as they can access dynamic forms for Contact, Account, and Opportunity record pages.
The dynamic forms will allow you to:
Access progressive page rendering to open a page with improved load time
Easily use the drag-and-drop feature to move individual fields into the page.
Quickly view sections and fields to access the needed data at the right time
Build dynamic pages without working with multiple page layouts.

4. Cut and Paste Elements in Flow

The new release allows users to cut and paste Flow elements.
They no longer have to keep copying and pasting and deleting the elements that have been copied. It is not necessary to rename the element being pasted.
This will help in saving time for flow builders.

5. Custom Address Fields

For years, Salesforce users have been waiting for custom address fields that could work the same way as a standard address field.

Winter ‘23 ended this long wait by making this feature Generally Available now.

6. Access To Do List in Apps

Users can now find all the tasks assigned in one component that will be available throughout the Salesforce environment.
You can access the To Do List available in the Utility Bar and manage your tasks by organizing them in a single view.
This feature is available for Lightning Experience in Performance, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

7. Forecasting Updates

Earlier Salesforce provided the feature to filter the forecast using standard Picklist, standard Number, and Record Type.

The new release will allow you to filter your forecasting using the customer Picklist fields or Opportunity Numbers, thus enabling you to get better and more accurate forecasts for your business.

8. Checking Formula in Flow

You can now access the syntax checking feature with the enhanced formula builder to check the formula created from within the formula builder.
Previously, Salesforce users had to save the flow and then look for syntax errors.

9. Assigning Leads to Territories

Users can now enable access to Leads on the basis of their territories while distributing leads manually among the respective territories.

10. Flow Datatable available in Beta

Winter ‘23 is bringing another new beta feature, the native datatable element.
The feature will allow you to create tables, allowing users to select or view records. It will allow them to create more informative and richer pages that can show hundreds of records to the user.

Wrapping Up

We’re very much impressed with everything that the new release got us.
Try all these new features from the Winter ‘23 release and uncover new enhanced productivity levels.

And if you need assistance with these new features, our Salesforce consultants are always ready to help you.

Need help implementing this?

Leave your details here and consulting expert will get back to you and hold your hand through this