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Salesforce for Higher Education- Seamless Support with Education Cloud

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With the world going tech-savvy, higher ed institutions need to embrace technologies just as success-driven organizations. However, many institutions still fail to live up to the expectations and lag in understanding and engaging the needs of the students. Salesforce for higher education is just the right answer for those institutions. 

Salesforce Education Cloud is an end-to-end solution to allow a higher ed institution to connect with its constituents in new digital ways using social, mobile, and cloud technologies. Salesforce Education Cloud is for the social and mobile era. With its approach of Connected Campus, it places students at the center of everything you do. It ultimately helps in achieving breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle. We have listed various ways in which the Education Cloud is transforming the working of higher education institutions.

  1. Hassle-free Admission Process

    This Salesforce cloud solution is a reliable way for the institutions to connect with prospective students looking for a well-suited university. It allows them to leverage data of various applicants and maintain it at a single location for easy access. This data further helps institutions to build brand awareness and campaigns for attracting students to the relevant courses. This makes the marketing and admission process so smooth for higher education institutions. 

  2. 1:1 Customized Student Experience

    Virtual learning has made it important to stay connected to students, irrespective of their different locations. Students everywhere have different channel preferences and use multiple devices. But it is not a reason to stop their learning and creativity. Education Cloud allows learning with these new virtual avenues. It helps in crafting the ultimate 1:1 student experience by allowing to plan and optimize student interactions. This further helps in delivering personalized content across all channels and measuring the impact. 

  3. Unified View of the Constituents

    Education Cloud helps the institutions to manage a single, unified view of every interaction with prospects, students, alumni, donors, and affiliates. It also provides the ease to maintain a single and unified view of all the stakeholders using mobile, social, and cloud technologies. This has made it easier to connect all information, from everybody, from every point of contact. It simply enables institutions to make smarter decisions.  

  4. Connected Experience

    In recent situations, education has gone beyond the walls of the classrooms. This has made staying connected to the students has become necessary more than ever. Salesforce helps connecting every touchpoint that could keep the faculty of the higher ed institutions connected to the student journey.  

  5. Data Architecture

    At the very foundation of Salesforce Education Cloud lies the Education Data Architecture (EDA). It allows the usage of standard objects that can be used to manage student relationships, co-curricular, and more. The institutions can customize EDA according to their specific requirements. To make it simplers, EDA provides drag and drop functionality to create custom fields, objects, modules, etc. EDA can be tailored as per the needs of users through AppEchange, and it also updates itself on a weekly and biweekly basis.

  6. Advisory Services

    Salesforce Education Cloud brings another provision of SAL (Salesforce Advisor Link) solution. It is one of the significant benefits of Education Cloud as it allows students to seek advice on career-related queries. It helps students set up appointments with advisors via mobile, which integrates easily with the advisors’ calendar. Along with this, Salesforce also integrates office management software that manages appointments and walk-ins.

Take a Smooth Transition to Salesforce Education Cloud

As an innovative platform, the Salesforce Education Cloud is equally beneficial to institutions, students, and alumni alike. With a robust education data architecture and connected campus architecture, this powerful platform stands tall among all other available education CRM systems. With the help of an expert Salesforce consultancy service, your higher education institution can get all the functionalities discussed above. This will smoothen up the process to deliver education while staying connected to the students.

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