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Things Full-Service and Boutique Firms won’t tell you

Full-Service and Boutique Firms
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For any company, choosing its consultancy agency can be a great decision. Although many would get attracted to full-service and boutique firms, the fancy exterior doesn’t mean that these firms can be the right choice for you. For any company moving over to Salesforce, it is important to hire a service that can handle the platform and align it with business objectives. But it’s a decision you need to take wisely. 

We might think of boutique firms as giants who know everything. But the question is that are they telling everything to you? These firms might be good as a show-off, but you don’t need that. You need someone that could be efficient to handle your Salesforce CRM and operations. 

Drawbacks of Going for Full-Service and Boutique Firms

You want the best for your brand and business, and that’s why you’ll look for someone who can deliver you so. The option of choosing a boutique firm might interest you, but you need to know that they might not be your best pick. Here we have listed some drawbacks of hiring full-service and boutique firms for services. 

1. Not Specialized in One Area

What makes these boutique firms attractive is that they offer a complete range of services that might be a time-saver for you as you would be getting everything under one roof. But this feature can easily act as a disadvantage for you as they won’t be having expertise in any particular area. 

Boutique firms can be considered as “Jack of all trades and master of none.” The professionals at such firms work with a variety of services but when you pick any particular service and demand expertise, they might not have any. With firms with different teams usually end up achieving specialization in any one segment. A firm handling all the aspects might end up compromising some aspects which can affect your business. 

2. Fewer Resources

Boutique consulting firms do not hold many resources and do no conduct frequent hiring, due to which they fail to attract experts. Although in some cases it is good to have fewer resources to maintain a good conversation between teams, but not having enough resources can even hamper project deadlines and customer service. 

Hiring a boutique firm might put you at the risk of missing your project deadlines and not getting enough attention from the customer service team. Now, what would be the need for quality if you have already missed the deadline. 

3. Lack of Transparency

When you need someone to work on your projects, you would expect to get a clear view of what’s being done and how far the team has reached on the project. With boutique firms, you might not get complete transparency of the work process. 

Due to fewer resources, the team usually stays caught up with the work and fails to send periodic reports and work progress on your project. 

Get Expertise with a Salesforce Consulting Firm

You won’t ever want to risk any of your projects or operation due to a lack of expertise or fewer resources. You need someone who can offer you the relevant expertise and stay in touch with you through the project. 

Get top-notch consultancy with 360 Degree Cloud with certified Salesforce experts. Talk to us to know how we can help you.

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