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Using Salesforce CPQ in Manufacturing Companies to Close Deals Faster

Salesforce CPQ in Manufacturing
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One of the realities of a manufacturing company is that your sales cycle is different from a cut-and-dried model. You won’t have fixed pricing for all customers. For a manufacturing company, it is common to manage a massive product catalog, many options of customization, and different quotations for each customer. That’s where using Salesforce CPQ in manufacturing companies can simplify the work. 

Without the right technology, managing multiple quotations for customers can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Salesforce CPQ can create a world of difference here. 

How Using Salesforce CPQ in Manufacturing Company Can Be Helpful

Salesforce CPQ helps manufacturing businesses manage pricing rules and complex quoting. We have mentioned some ways in which using CPQ can be beneficial and help to close deals faster. 

1. Customize Complex Product Bundles

When the product is made-to-order, the flexibility of Salesforce CPQ will have a lot to offer. You can set up all the needed features as bundle components, so whenever any representative will create a quote, he would have access to all the available customizations. It will help keep the customization handle for a representative when needed for generating a quotation. 

2. Multi-Layered Discounting Logic

Using CPQ can allow manufacturing companies to use multiple tiers of discounts. The solution help teams to control the order in which these discounts would be provided. You can set limits to discretionary discounts and apply them to a contracted price only. So, your firm will always have the flexibility to create discount offers, allowing you to price competitively but still protecting your margins. 

3. Organize Large Catalogs

Manufacturing companies with an extensive product catalog can benefit from the dynamic bundling and filtering logic of Salesforce CPQ. It would allow employees to manage the array of products with little back-end legwork. This feature can help save days of effort to reconfigure the whole catalog every time a new product is added to it.

4. Advanced Approval Process

Salesforce CPQ also allows teams to use advanced approvals to route quotes to the right representative for a quick sign-off. You can easily involve multiple teams like finance, sales, or QA, irrespective of whether the quote comes from an external party or any internal employee. 

The complex routing logic of advanced approvals helps cut down the time to take a quote through different teams. You can share the quote with different teams at the same time. 

5. Access Through Communities or Portals

Salesforce CPQ helps to expose quoting pages to partners and customers through portals, websites, or communities, making it easier to access them. With CPQ, all the tools would be available to customers and distributors at their fingertips, allowing them to create their quotes.

Speed Up Deal Closure Using Salesforce CPQ in Manufacturing Companies

Turning to Salesforce CPQ can help shorten sales cycles for manufacturers and also help to improve quoting accuracy. Speedy quotation generation will ultimately decrease the waiting time for clients and save them from frustration, keeping them satisfied. 

Boost the billing efficiency in your manufacturing firm. Contact us to hire the best Salesforce expert to implement Salesforce CPQ.

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