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What a High-Touch Service Really Is

High-Touch Service
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You might not know but the time taken by your customer service team to answer a call or the number of calls answered on an hourly basis are not always the most accurate metrics to analyze the performance of your customer support. It is not just about the numbers and complex equations on balance sheets. It is more about how much you have achieved customer satisfaction. That’s where it means a lot to deliver high-touch service when it comes to customer support.

Customers are happiest when they don’t have to wait for a longer period to get their issues resolved by the team. Thus, to speed up the service, companies are coming up with methods like tutorials, self-help services, FAQ pages, newsletters, and making calls proactively. But there’s a lot more when you want to deliver high-touch customer service. 

What is High-Touch Service?

As technology advances, customer support centers tend to adopt modern ways to resolve customer issues to enhance their performance and results. Although companies are providing features like self-help features and chatbots to handle customer service, human intervention is important when it is about connecting with people in a personalized way.

Companies are leveraging Salesforce CRM to make sure their customer service remains top-notch and they can analyze customer behavior to deal with them in a personalized way. All in all customer service is about connecting with customers through multiple streamlined touchpoints, giving them a unique and memorable experience. 

How to Create a High-Touch Service Experience?

Now you know what exactly high-touch customer service is, but the next question is how you will achieve that. Here we have listed some ways through which your customer service team can work on delivering high-touch service.

1. Try to Understand Customer Issues

To cater to the needs of the customers, you should have an understanding of what their goals are. Try to have a detailed conversation and let the client explain what he is facing issue with and how he expects the support and service to be. 

To deliver the best you need to know first what exactly you require to deliver. Show empathy towards customers and make them feel that you really care about them and are trying your best to resolve their issues.

2. Add a personal touch

Personalized communication is one of the most effective ways to deliver interactive customer service. Salesforce helps you by providing a centralized view of all customer details and previous communication histories so you know everything about them before interacting with them.

You can use personalization in your emails too, showing that you treat each customer individually and in a unique way. You need to cross the bounds of business-like interaction to efficiently connect with customers and deliver to achieve customer retention and satisfaction.

3. Commit to All-Time Human Assistance

This is another key to deliver high-touch customer service. Chatbots, FAQs, and tutorials are all fine, but when a customer is actually in some problem, the first preference would be to talk with someone from the team who can give a closer look at the issue. You have to deliver 24×7 customer service with live chat agents to offer instant query resolution to customers.

Since customers are paying for a service or product, they will always appreciate any effort you put in to make the customers feel satisfied. This may even lead to more business with word-of-mouth marketing by customers.

4. Follow Up

Once you have achieved what you wanted, don’t just consider it an end. Keep in touch with your customers regarding project delivery through follow-ups. Small things can have a big impact. So find a few ways to make people feel special like sending personalized messages.

Even if you have resolved the issue, don’t consider the work done. Make sure you stay connected with customers through follow-ups. These little talks can have a big impact on your business. You need to look for ways to stay in touch with your customers, whether it is through follow-up calls or personalized messages.

Deliver High-Touch Service for Utmost Customer Satisfaction

It’s not just about talking with customers, it’s about being empathetic with them, listen to their issues, and resolve them in the minimum possible time. You have to make sure that they don’t promise too much and deliver too little, which will simply lead to a bad impression and might lose you a lead. Implementing Salesforce CRM can simplify managing customer data and relationships to deliver high-touch service. 

Leverage Salesforce to deliver top-notch customer service. Contact us to know how Salesforce can enhance the quality and performance of your customer service team.

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