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Adopt Salesforce for Digital-First Funding Strategy

Funding Strategy
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These are unrivaled and uncertain times when we talk about the market. All we hear about is a health crisis, leadership turmoil, economic breakdown, and various environmental challenges that the world is battling. During these tough times, nonprofit is the sector that never stops thinking about global welfare, and to make that easy, they always need a digital-first funding strategy to efficiently work for their cause.

To meet more goals and causes, nonprofit organizations are working on getting digital and actively investing more in technology. It has been observed that organizations with high digital maturity are achieving success in exceeding their fundraising targets in comparison to the nonprofits that are still low on digital maturity. 

How to follow Digital-First Funding Strategy

Considering the importance of going digital these days, we have listed some strategies that Salesforce non profit organizations can follow to maximize their fundraising. 

1. Improve donation experience

Nonprofits can access the in-built system of Salesforce for a smooth and efficient donation process. You can access intuitive features like custom ask amounts, a space for creating compelling messages, monthly ask, and a section for designating funds.

Also, emphasizing the donation message can go a long way. Work on a well-crafted and compelling message that will help you reach more donors. Instead of asking for a hefty amount all at once, consider doing a monthly ask that won’t have any specific minimum amount.

2. Personalize communications

Accessing high-end technology gives us the power to personalize anything. Personalizing communication with donors can help to get their attention toward your cause.

Nonprofit organizations can use multiple Salesforce products like NPSP, Nonprofit Cloud, and Marketing Cloud to build strategies that can work well for a better donor experience.

Nonprofits can work on:

  • Creating a need-based journey
  • Integrate social with Salesforce to track customer preferences and interests
  • Optimize that data to test and automate it.

3. Look for known supports and convert them

It is always easier to convert known supporters for donations instead of finding new supporters. With this approach, nonprofits can:

  • Map out donor journeys
  • Define segments and personas
  • Follow up with the known supports
  • Design suitable campaigns
  • Personalize communication

4. Work on productive fundraising 

According to the 3rd edition of the Nonprofit trends reports, 68% of nonprofits said they have increased their technology investment so they can allow their workers to work from their homes. 

You can consider using services like Salesforce Pardot, NPSP, Appexchange, and Analytics. You can also work on:

  • Consolidating data from multiple sources
  • Trigger prospect research 
  • Get notified about new donors and donations
  • Capture communication automatically

Enable Digital-First Funding Strategy with Salesforce

As the world is becoming technology-driven, more and more nonprofit organizations will need to take a digital approach to make a significant difference in the world. And when you are working for a good cause, you’ll need any kind of help and support that could help you serve the cause. That’s why adopting a digital-first funding strategy can be helpful to bring in maximum funding. 

To learn more about Salesforce for nonprofits, get in touch with our certified Salesforce professionals. 

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