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Best Practices a Salesforce Business Analyst must follow

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If problem-solving is one of your passions and you enjoy working with technology that can assist you in these efforts, choosing a Salesforce analyst as your career can be the right idea for you. The profession is exploding with experienced Salesforce Business Analyst expected to be hired more in the coming years as more and more companies are adopting Salesforce as their CRM. 

The main responsibility of a Salesforce Business Analyst is to improve Salesforce occurrence and work for its maintenance. The Salesforce Business Analyst needs to plan, gather requirements, and come up with new ideas to bring improvement to the system. Let’s start with understanding who these Salesforce Business Analysts are and the best practice they should follow. 

Who is a Salesforce Business Analyst?

Salesforce Business Analyst (BA) acts as the bridge between the customer and the Salesforce implementation partner. 

  • It is the responsibility of the BA to know the project inside out. They play an essential role at any stage of development, be it any methodology followed by the team. 
  • From defining the scope of the project and identifying gaps to check on the developers to make sure they are on track, Salesforce Business Analysts stay active throughout the project. 
  • It can be right to say that a Salesforce Business Analyst wears multiple hats during the lifecycle of a project. 

Best Practices to Follow as a Salesforce Business Analyst

Till now, we know that a Salesforce Business Analyst is a person who will take care of a project from start to finish, tracking all the tasks like project support, design and architecture discussions, and training and enablement. Throughout the complete lifecycle of a project, a Salesforce Business Analyst needs to follow several best practices that make a BA efficient in the job. Here we have listed these practices every Salesforce Business Analyst must follow.

1. Requirement Analysis

For any project, requirement gathering is a critical task. It helps in numerous ways:

  • It helps distinguishing what is being done and everything that’s needed to be done. It helps to come up with an exact arrangement of rules for the team to follow. 
  • Conducting the requirement analysis can be stated as setting up the base before starting any project. A Salesforce Business Analyst should take up this responsibility to ensure the team has every needed information for the project before commencing it. 
  • It is a critical task as unsatisfactory requirements could lead to some unique outcome, leaving the customer disappointed.

2. Documentation

Documentation takes up a major chunk of the time of a business analyst. Notes on requirement gathering, process flows, architecture documents, user stories to any customer-facing document – all of it should be written and/or approved by the Salesforce Business Analyst. This is why it is always efficient for a BA to keep a template of the documents handy.

3. People Management

With a Salesforce project in progress, it is essential to have someone who will manage all the people you are associated with it. A Salesforce Business Analyst should manage the customer and the internal team members. This is where efficient communication skills are needed to ensure that any form of communication should be precise, covering all the essential information.

4. Test Everything

It is critical to have a streamlined testing path for projects and also for the one-off tasks. A business analyst should test everything before it moves into production because once the code moves to production, you would not be able to roll out any improvements. Thus, it is important to conduct the testing before moving the code to production. 

5. Focus on Quality

If you are a Salesforce Business Analyst, the client might push you to move the project faster. It might be possible depending on the work, but you need to be very careful with it. In such a case, you must pick the ideal methodology that could speed up the project, ensuring that the quality is not compromised. 

In case you hit a roadblock even though the client wants you to move faster, consider the options and choose the most optimal solution for the overall solution that keeps the quality as the top priority. 

Look Up to Certified Salesforce Business Analysts for your Upcoming Project

You might know what exactly you want with your Salesforce project, but you need someone who can understand your requirements and take it straight to the development team. Reaching out to an experienced Business Analyst is the first step that could help you ensure that your project is in the right hands.

An efficient BA is a package of excellent communication skills and technical understanding to bridge the gap between the customers and the development team. Reach out to our skilled Salesforce Business Analysts who always give priority to delivering quality and reaching out to the client’s expectations. Contact us to know about Salesforce or to hire our experts.

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