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How Can a Salesforce Integration Consultant Help Integrate Your Calendar App with Salesforce?

Hire a Salesforce Integration Consultant to Integrate Your Calendar App with Salesforce
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We know how juggling between your calendar and Salesforce can sometimes feel like a high-stakes Tetris game. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or CalendarAnything; switching between your calendar and Salesforce to track and manage everything can be a real challenge. That’s where a Salesforce integration consultant can help you to simplify the game. 

Yup, you heard it right – it’s time to integrate your calendar application with Salesforce. Your calendar seamlessly synchronized with Salesforce enables you to create a unified hub for all your scheduling and client interactions. 

The benefits extend far beyond the realm of mere convenience; this calendar integration serves as a catalyst for elevating efficiency, productivity, and the overall client experience.

Why Should You Integrate Your Calendar App with Salesforce?

Now, let’s get into more details to understand why you should consider integrating your calendar app or solution with Salesforce. 

1. Save time

Imagine not having to switch between tabs to check your schedule and update your Salesforce records. That’s what integration brings to the table – time-saving magic. Your calendar events sync effortlessly with Salesforce, so no more double data entry. 

2. Stay on top of your business game with real-time updates

No one likes outdated information, right? With your calendar and Salesforce integrated, any changes you make in one place reflect instantly in the other. That’s the beauty of real-time synchronization – keeping your records fresh and accurate.

3. Boost your productivity levels

This Salesforce integration lets you schedule tasks, meetings, and follow-ups directly from Salesforce. No need to bounce back and forth. It’s like having a personal assistant streamlining your workflow.

4. Keep your customers happy

Picture this: A client calls, and you can instantly check your calendar to find the best slot for a meeting without missing a beat. It’s all about providing quick, efficient service that leaves your clients smiling.

5. Simplify reporting

Integrating your calendar with Salesforce means your activity data is neatly stored. Generating reports becomes a breeze, giving you insights into your engagements, follow-ups, and where you can fine-tune your approach.

What We Did for Our Client

One of our esteemed clients, AMI Staging, was struggling with an inconsistent internal management system due to a lack of a calendar view of the company’s sales and deliveries.

AMI Staging is a renowned service provider for smart house staging and consultation. The firm is known for its incredible staging designs and simplified installation of furniture and maintenance.

The team connected with our experts for an efficient and accurate handling of their internal projects. Their major requirement was to achieve a calendar view for all the operational and order data.  

Challenges they faced

AMI Staging was not satisfied with its existing system for managing its internal operations and needed a more efficient and error-free management system.  The sales and deliveries of the company were classified into three types- Load in date, Deadline date, and Load out date, and they needed an extensive calendar view for the same. 

They needed to list all the information related to orders on the calendar view to make it easier for the team to access it all. Having such a view on their calendar would help the team to easily view every milestone needed to be achieved while avoiding any confusion or resource overlapping.

In addition to that, they wanted the dates on the calendar to be updated automatically to eliminate the manual struggle. 

Their existing processes of data recording were quite hectic and demanded automation, which was making it difficult for their non-tech employees to understand, thus raising a challenge to handle technical operations. To simplify this, they required a calendar view to enable employees to see all the information related to order dates and other tasks to minimize confusion or delays. They also wanted the calendar view of all holidays and vacation dates for increased transparency for the team. 

How we helped

After understanding their existing challenges in detail, here are the solutions our Salesforce integration consultant proposed to help the team. 

1. Improving transparency internally

Our Salesforce integration consultant conducted layout modifications for the client. We added a custom object called “Adhoc” that will help record the holiday and vacation details to provide transparency to employees.

2. Recording details faster

We enabled automation that allowed the team to view instant updates in the Load in, Deadline, and Load out dates. All of this was updated through the line item object.

3. Simplified operations for clients with CalendarAnything Salesforce integration

We also conducted CalendarAnything and Salesforce integration. It helped in organizing order details and prioritizing milestones. 

4. Setting up different calendars with CalendarAnything

We designed four different calendars as per the client’s requirements. The information related to all their orders was stored in these separate calendars to simplify data access and management.

Reported Outcomes

As a result of our implementation, the team at AMI Staging was able to achieve better visibility of their orders and details related to them. It became easier to communicate with teams with the calendar view, especially with the teams that have busy schedules. It gave them a transparent view of all the ongoing tasks and milestones pending or achieved.

All of this ultimately helped to reduce the manual recording of information. Also, a visible reduction in data inconsistency and errors was achieved with enhanced coordination through automatic updates.

Connect Your Calendar and Salesforce for Simplified Workflow

So, it’s clear that integrating your calendar app with Salesforce can be a real time-saver. Simply integrating your calendar with Salesforce with the help of a Salesforce integration consultant will give you access to details about your events and milestones on the calendar within Salesforce. So, there is no more need to manage tasks and activities on your calendar separately while switching screens and simultaneously handling Salesforce. 
AMI Staging is just one of the firms we’ve helped with our Salesforce integration services. Our experts have been helping out companies from different industry sectors to eliminate silos and save time by integrating their multiple third-party apps with Salesforce. Contact us to integrate your apps with Salesforce and witness the real results while saving your time and effort.

Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.

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