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How a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Can Help You Plan A Better Strategy for the Next Quarter

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant for Better Marketing Strategy
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According to a report by Marketing Cloud Platform Market Research, the marketing size for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is expected to grow from USD 10.89 Billion in 2023 to USD 19.8 Billion by the end of 2023. That’s definitely a massive growth segment, showing an annual growth rate of 8.90%. That’s the kind of number which shows how rapidly companies these days are getting a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant to help them make the most of Marketing Cloud. 

By leveraging Marketing Cloud, companies these days can get access to tools through which they can run personalized campaigns and maintain relevant audience journeys. An experienced Salesforce consultant will help you understand the features of Marketing Cloud and how you can work with them for your business.

That said, in this blog, we’ll be discovering more segments of the importance of having a Marketing Cloud consultant onboard and features that you could access with the right help.  

Why Consider Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

You might have heard that customer support teams actively seek a Salesforce Service Cloud consultant to implement Service Cloud and leverage its best features. The same is with the marketing teams looking for the best assistance to implement Marketing Cloud efficiently. And that’s all because of the numerous benefits Marketing Cloud holds that could boost company marketing results. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables teams to analyze customer segments and create customized campaigns that could give results. The platform helps to identify leads and track them, analyzing the high-priority leads that could be focused more. In other words, Marketing Cloud allows marketers to boost their customer journeys and connect with them in the way the customer expects with content that relates more with them. 

Ways a Marketing Cloud Consultant Can Help You

With the help of the right Salesforce expert, you can access the best products of Marketing Cloud and derive the best results you’ve wished for. Here we have listed a few ways a Marketing Cloud consultant could help you achieve the best from this Salesforce tool. 

Deliver a consistent and effective customer experience with Journey Builder

Using Journey Builder, consultants can help to build journeys for customers and work to set up a consistence customer experience while managing engagement and responses from multiple channels. 

Journey Builder is one of the tools of Marketing Cloud that are highly trusted and can transform customer experiences in their lifecycle stages. You can easily like your customer engagement from different marketing channels together to ensure customers are receiving the personalized message at the right time and on the right platform. 

Journey Builder mainly enables you to:

1. Define personalized customer journeys

2. Align customer messages across different marketing channels

3. Work on distributed marketing efficiently

4. Understand changes in customer needs and behavior

Reach your potential customers with the right content with Email Studio

With the help of Email Studio, consultants can help you create and run appealing and creative emails, providing relevant content according to each customer segment. Using Email Studio would make you capable of preparing the right content for your potential customers, thus increasing the chances of getting their attention. 

The tool will enable you to prepare sophisticated one-on-one campaigns or even allow you to prepare a primary marketing campaign that you can run for your audience. It even helps you to categorize customer profiles depending on the data you have, thus enabling marketers to run personalized emails efficiently. Thus the tool helps you in three ways:

1. Reach your targeted audience

2. Create personalized emails to the unique audience segments

3. Automate emails to save time

Integrate your mobile devices with other marketing channels in use with Mobile Studio

Trusted professionals can help you with Mobile Studio, which lets you easily integrate your mobile device with the different marketing channels you’ve been using. This will enable marketers to run an omnichannel marketing strategy. With the tool, you can deliver the right message to the right people, thus improving engagement and results.  

Mobile Studio also empowers digital marketers to connect with customers on different devices and get the best reach through SMS, personalized messages, notifications, etc. The tool enables you to:

1. Send highly targeted messages to customers to easily reach them

2. Increase app engagement through mobile devices

3. Enables the team to reach out to customers from any location and at any time.

Create customized social media campaigns with Social Studio

Using the Social Studio, a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant can help you run customized campaigns for social media platforms that would enable teams to convert potential customers. With this, businesses would be able to achieve real-time insights into customer needs and experiences. 

It enables you to connect your Salesforce CRM with social networks through which it becomes easier for marketers to get the best and most detailed image of customers and their behavior. It enables marketing professionals to track social activities and campaign results through a single interface. Thus, Social Studio enables you to:

1. Provide customer support through social media channels and efficiently engage with your community

2. Publish relevant content on social media platforms

3. Precisely track customer engagement

Unifies all your marketing data and analytics with Datorama

With the help of Datorama, Marketing Cloud consultants can assist you in gathering marketing data and analytics so that marketers can view it on a unified interface. It helps marketers to analyze and optimize leads and pipelines efficiently. 

Datorama provides detailed analytics and insight into email and social media performance, thus enabling teams to strategize accordingly. All in all, the tool helps to:

1. Create cross-functional strategies while saving time

2. Enable teams to make data-driven decisions

3. Provide marketers with a testing environment

Drive Improved Marketing Results with the Right Team

Just like a Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant can guide you efficiently to work with Sales Cloud, you would need a Marketing Cloud consultant to understand everything the tool offers for your business and access its features correctly. Through the blog, we’ve realized there’s a lot Marketing Cloud can offer to run efficient campaigns and get improved overall results. But that’s all possible when you have the right expert alongside. 

The need here is to get along with a trusted Salesforce partner that could provide you with an efficient consultant who understands Marketing Cloud inside out and can make it worth it for your business. Contact us and get hold of such a Salesforce expert with the right team. 

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