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Supercharge Support Agents with these Lesser-Known Service Cloud Features

Service Cloud Features
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We are living in a time when customer experience matters the most for a business. A disappointed customer will take no longer a minute to drop a brand and look for the next one. This makes it crucial for agents to improve service to reduce customer churn. And this could be resolved with Service Cloud features that could help support agents to increase productivity and case resolution. 

Every business wants its customer service agents to resolve cases quickly and for that, they need all the data at their fingertips. Salesforce Service Cloud allows support teams to collaborate on a single platform to maintain customer records.

Having centralized data helps agents to continue conversations with customers from where it was left off. There are many such features that make Service Cloud revolutionary for support agents.

Service Cloud Features to Boost Support Agents Productivity

It doesn’t have to be a daunting task to deliver great customer service. The service agents just need to know the right technology and capabilities to deliver a winning support strategy. We’ve shared with you some of our favorite Service Cloud features that could change the way your support agents have been working and will help to boost their productivity and efficiency.

1. Extended Flow Automation

Process automation is the key to boosting case resolution and Salesforce Flow makes it possible. Service agents can now access Flow to incorporate a deeper level of process automation, making it easier to connect processes over different service channels. 

Different features that you could access with Salesforce Flow are:

  • Triage cases intelligently over different channels
  • You can apply complex routing requirements. It can include queue-based, skill-based, and direct-to-agent routing. 
  • You can even set auto-respond for customers that will direct them to helpful articles to drive self-service and enable faster resolution. 

2. Text, Voice, and Video Capabilities

Customer service has now gone way beyond telephonic calls. Now support agents can reach out to the customer using the most convenient channel for them. Here are some of the capabilities of Service Cloud that you can access:

  • In-app and web messaging: Agents can chat with customers over SMS, WhatsApp, website, or in-app, picking up the conversation where it was last left off. 
  • Einstein Conversation Mining: It utilizes Natural Language Processes to recognize the common interaction types with a particular customer and give recommendations on how you can optimize the process. 
  • Virtual Remote Assistant: Service Cloud even allows you to conduct two-way audio and video conversations between agents and customers, helping to deliver personalized experiences and create stronger relationships. 

3. Customer Service Incident Management

This feature of Service Cloud helps to connect multiple service cases on the same issue automatically. It helps teams to classify cases and prioritize them right to identify which cases to resolve first on the basis of urgency and impact. It also allows you to quickly take action and even notify customers with the status updates related to the case. 

Empower Your Agents with Salesforce Service Cloud Features

Salesforce Service Cloud is the most reliable way to empower your agents to find the answers to customers’ queries quickly, without having to escalate cases and causing delays. Bring all customer information together in one console and manage cases efficiently. 

Get the power to boost case resolution with Salesforce. Get in touch with our certified Salesforce professionals to access features to boost the efficiency of your support agents. 

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