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Relationship Intelligence: A Surefire Way to Accelerate Your Sales

Relationship Intelligence
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Sales are all about understanding your customer. So it is important to know them before you can actually start conversing with them. The key to understanding them is data, which includes everything from their experience with your business to their relationship networks. And that’s something that forms the base for relationship intelligence. 

Managing a relationships network isn’t a new concept, but these days it goes by a new name: “relationship intelligence.” It is fair to call it intelligence, considering how far our abilities have reached to capture, analyze, and use the data.

Use of AI-powered relationship intelligence tools 

Such tools can help amplify the impact of everything you do by bringing data they find into the CRM. This ultimately enables the entire sales team to access this information whenever required.

AI-powered relationship intelligence tools provide incredible value for your business in the following manner:

  • Disparate Data Analysis: It helps you discover unanticipated relationships with data acquired from search engines, social profiles, news articles, and more.
  • Network Analysis: You can easily view connections in your network and sources that define the relationship.
  • CRM Enhancement: You can have the ability to enrich contact records with relationship data in real-time within your CRM.

Relationship intelligence tools to accelerate sales

Do you know? Salespeople actually spend less than 36% of their time actually selling. Why? Because they need to research prospects and accounts before they start selling. 

They have to research to know if the prospect influences decisions. They have to identify if they share any contacts with the prospect. They have to learn about what problem their prospects are facing and which of their product or service solves that problem. 

All of this research takes up a lot of time. Salespeople have to dig through customer relationship management systems (CRMs), news articles, Google, LinkedIn, documents, productivity apps, and other data sources to get all the needed data.

Any successful sales organization would know that relationship intelligence is the secret to reaching key decision-makers while saving all the time and effort. It helps keep all the data in their CRM, enabling the whole organization to access it from anywhere and anytime. 

Many businesses are even using artificial intelligence (AI) along with relationship intelligence. It enables a lot of features like:

  • New AI tools help to better scour search engines, social profiles, articles, and more.
  • It easily identifies connections with prospects and insights related to them. 
  • Who did they go to the institution with? Where they have worked? What projects have they led? What values do they focus on? AI helps gather such details that could lay the groundwork for a more personal connection. 
  • It even helps salespeople to create a more compelling pitch that can help to achieve greater sales.

Introducing Einstein Relationship Insights

When focusing on relationships, the solution you need to learn about is Salesforce’s Einstein Relationship Insights (ERI) as it delivers on all the requirements. In fact, it goes beyond it:

  • Native Design: ERI helps to pull external data directly into your CRM. You can quickly see the big picture as ERI connects the dots for you.
  • Unstructured Data Analysis: ERI helps you explore all relevant data sources by reading natural language automatically. In other words, it can understand unstructured data.
  • Contextual Learning: ERI helps you identify the key passages of text, explaining how your prospects and contacts know each other.

Leverage Relationship Intelligence to Boost Your Sales

Companies that use relationship intelligence would understand how it represents a new generation of customer data collection and use it efficiently. If you know to harness this power, you’ll uncover the key to driving sales and business growth. 

Reach out to our Salesforce consulting service and we’ll help you unlock new network opportunities and grow with your customers.

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