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Using Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights to Accelerate Sales

Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights
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Managing sales is all understanding your customer and offering them what they need. For this, sales representatives have to be concerned about everything, from customer experience to relationship networks. All the information helps the team members to be aware of the right time to make the right offer to the right customer. Managing relationships with customers has become more important than ever, and Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights helps with that.

With Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights (ERI), sales representatives have got the ease of relationship intelligence. The feature is to provide users with the ability to capture, analyze, and use the customer data to build better relationships and keep nurturing them.

Introducing Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights

For any Salesforce project success, it is important to gain insights about everything its users are expecting from it. Using Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights can help the team get immediate access to all customer information, bringing everything into the CRM for unified access and view. Some of its features include:

  • Native Design: ERI efficiently pulls all the external data into the CRM. It helps connect all the dots, providing sales representatives to see the bigger picture while creating campaigns.
  • Unstructured Data Analysis: ERI automatically reads natural language to explore data sources and understand unstructured data related to the target audience. 
  • Contextual Learning: ERI helps to understand and analyze how prospects and contacts know each other.

For managing sales effectively, team members need to research prospects and accounts. It is because they need to know if the prospect influences decisions and whether they share contacts with the prospect. ERI helps to provide insights about what problem their product or service solves for the prospect so it can be reached out in the right way.

To manage relationships, salespeople need to dig through different platforms and data sources like LinkedIn, news articles, Google, external and internal documents, and other data sources. 

Accelerating Sales with Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights

Studies show that salespeople only spend almost 36% of their time selling. It is because, before selling, they need to spend time researching the prospects, coming up with ways to attract customers.

With Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights, sales organizations have leveraged the feature of relationship intelligence to make key decisions. The feature allows teams with different capabilities like:

  • It allows representatives to use Artificial Intelligence with Einstein analytics to pull new external data and insights about customers. 
  • The feature helps to automatically identify connections of data sources like social profiles, news articles, and more with prospects. 
  • Teams can gain insights about the interests and values followed by prospects, laying the groundwork of forming a deeper and more formal connection.

Supercharge Sales with Intelligent Relationship Management

How productive your sales team depends on how better the team knows its customers and reaches out to them. Improving sales is all about how good you are with your customers. So, the first step for achieving better sales is to work on improving relationships with customers. Salesforce Einstein Relationship Insights provides every detail salespeople need to know about customers to plan their sales strategy.

Not only Einstein Relationship Insights, but Salesforce has also got a lot of other tools and capabilities that can help you achieve visible improvement in sales. Talk to our team to find out how Salesforce can solve your business problems.

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