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Salesforce Health Cloud- Discover A Transformative Approach to Care Management

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With healthcare professionals adopting the right technology, a dramatic improvement in the care management approaches has been witnessed over time. From elevating the patient experience to analyzing the health records and making the right decisions, there’s a lot involved in the healthcare sector. Thankfully Salesforce Health Cloud finds itself capable of meeting these challenges. The Health Cloud is only among an increasing number of platforms that support a more engaged and tech-savvy patient base. Per Salesforce, 71 percent of millennials want to engage, control, and manage their healthcare actively. The Salesforce Health Cloud exceptionally satisfies these requirements.

Looking closer at the Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce introduced Health Cloud as a patient engagement platform or ‘Healthcare CRM’ that connects to a treatment or Hospital chain’s existing IT system. Its capabilities incorporate doctor-patient relationships while offering record management services. The Health Cloud supports one-to-one relationship management through a patient profile, integrating information from multiple data sources, including medical devices and electronic medical records (EMRs). The primary benefit of Health Cloud is to improve visibility into the entire healthcare journey and systematize interventions.

Ways in which the Salesforce Health Cloud touches Healthcare

With Salesforce Health Cloud, the way the medical data gets handled transforms completely. Here’s a look at how it helps medical establishments turn a corner.

#1 It unlocks operational efficiencies for busy medical staff from a unified platform

By enabling all stakeholders with access to critical data, enabling real-time collaboration and proactive engagement, the Health Cloud allows healthcare professionals to improve efficiencies to drive better outcomes. It allows care-teams to access the latest patient information and upcoming tasks, encouraging better adherence to care pathways. Similarly, pharmaceutical providers can drive awareness of patient support programs and track marketing and sales activity with the Health Cloud, which offers them an integrated view of all patients and provider interactions with them.

#2 Hospitals, labs, care facilities can consolidate progress across existing systems

With Salesforce Health Cloud, there’s no need to start again from scratch or undertake a massive effort to connect siloed systems and data. It layers on top of your existing systems and software applications and easily integrates with your current data. Health Cloud supports quick integration with electronic health records and claims management software, giving the team a comprehensive view of the healthcare journey of patients. It provides teams with a single view, eliminating the need to toggle among various systems and screens to find information about each patient.

#3 Treatment chains can deliver personalized care more productively

Salesforce Health Cloud pushes forward AI-enabled personalization for digital healthcare. After adding third-party data to the existing data in CRM, you can choose from several different use cases depending on your services. AI is used to surface the training resources for staff and helps in anticipating issues based on patient history. AI features supported by Health Cloud also use predictive analytics to identify at-risk populations and recommend next-best actions for greater engagement and timely intervention.

#4 Wellness & Therapy Clinics can capture preferences to build relationships & engagement at scale

Circling back to its core role as a CRM platform, the Health Cloud efficiently captures communication through a myriad of preferred channels – including live chat, phone, mobile apps, emails, and online forums. This helps the services to proactively engage with healthcare consumers, knowing the right time and the right way to establish contact. This CRM helps gather the data about the consumers, which can be further segmented to create contextualized engagements. This way healthcare practices and professionals have everything they need to stick to a consumer-centric approach right in front of them.

Serve both Patients & Staff better with a custom Salesforce Health Cloud

Although in-house legacy systems have been the heart of patient information for a long time, realizing they may not be the most efficient way to organize patient information opens up patients to novel tracks for care and prevention. Going forward, unoccluded and centralized patient data will be key to greatly simplify treatment planning, as treatments themselves become increasingly data-centric and even overlap with patient data to lead advances in treatment methodology. 

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