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Supercharge Productivity with these tips, followed by the Best Salesforce Consultancies

Best Salesforce Consultancies
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It’s possible that there could be varying responses to the question of whether Salesforce has significantly improved productivity. If you find that you haven’t been able to capitalize on the productivity benefits that Salesforce provides fully, it may be worth considering seeking guidance from the best Salesforce consultancies.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, productivity is vital to success. Regardless of whether you are a business owner or a sales representative, finding ways to optimize productivity is critical. Fortunately, Salesforce can be an excellent tool for achieving this objective. With its various functionalities, such as workflow streamlining and task automation, Salesforce can assist you in working more efficiently and intelligently.

Tips by the Best Salesforce Consultancies to Enhance Productivity

Let’s dive in and discover how you can take your productivity to the next level with Salesforce!

1. Salesforce List Views

Salesforce List Views offer an efficient way to enhance productivity by enabling users to filter, sort, and display pertinent records based on specific criteria quickly and effortlessly. Customized views can be saved and shared, fostering collaboration and minimizing repetitive work. Moreover, List Views facilitate bulk actions and record updates, further optimizing productivity.

With List Views, users can apply filters based on selected criteria, such as fields or values, and conveniently switch between them. This feature helps to reduce the time and effort spent on manually searching through records to find the necessary information.

2. Inline Editing

Inline Editing allows users to quickly and easily update fields directly within a list view without having to open individual records. This can significantly improve productivity and streamline data entry by reducing the number of clicks and page loads required to make updates.

The user’s profile or permission set controls the ability to use Inline Editing. Administrators can customize which fields are editable via Inline Editing for each user profile. Finding the right Salesforce consultancy services will help you access the feature better.

3. Reports and Dashboards to Analyze Metrics

Salesforce reports and dashboards are robust tools that enable users to analyze data and metrics in Salesforce and gain valuable insights into their sales, marketing, and customer service processes. This information can be leveraged to make informed decisions based on data.

Salesforce reports are customizable lists of records that can be sorted, filtered, and grouped based on specific criteria. They can be utilized to analyze data across multiple objects in Salesforce, such as leads, opportunities, or cases. Reports can be saved, shared, and scheduled to run automatically.

Salesforce dashboards offer visual representations of data from reports, making it easier for users to view key metrics and trends at a glance. They can display various charts, tables, and other visualizations and can be customized to show specific data sets, filters, or date ranges. This feature helps users quickly identify critical information and take action accordingly.

4. Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline inspection in Salesforce is a process of analyzing and evaluating the status and progress of a company’s sales opportunities, from initial lead qualification through to closing the deal. This process helps sales teams understand the health of their sales pipeline, identify areas for improvement, and take action to close more deals. With a trusted Salesforce consultation, you can find out what more Pipeline Inspection can do.

5. Einstein Search

Einstein Search is an intelligent search feature in Salesforce that uses artificial intelligence to provide users with more accurate and personalized search results. Einstein Search allows users to search for records and information across multiple objects in Salesforce and returns the most relevant results based on the user’s search behavior. You just need a trusted Salesforce consulting team to access it efficiently.

Here are some details on Einstein Search in Salesforce:

  1. Personalization: Einstein Search uses machine learning algorithms to personalize search results based on the user’s search behavior and context. 
  2. Natural Language Processing: Einstein Search provides support for natural language processing, enabling users to search for records using everyday language queries. This feature allows for more accurate and relevant search results, further enhancing the user experience.
  3. Multi-Object Search: With Einstein Search, users can effortlessly search for records and information across several objects in Salesforce, such as accounts, contacts, opportunities, and cases. This feature can help users save time and enhance productivity by eliminating the need to perform individual searches for each object.
  4. Advanced Filtering: Einstein Search provides advanced filtering options, allowing users to filter search results based on multiple criteria, such as object type, record owner, or date range.

You can easily leverage all these features when you have the best Salesforce consultancies to help you out.

6. Utility Bar

The Utility Bar is a toolbar that can be personalized to suit individual preferences, appearing at the bottom of the Salesforce interface. It grants users swift access to frequently used features and apps, enabling them to perform actions, access information, and switch between apps seamlessly without leaving the current page they are on.
The Utility Bar is customizable, allowing users to add or remove apps and features to best suit their needs. With the right help from the best Salesforce consultants, users can also adjust the size and order of the items in the bar.

7. Favorites and Global Actions

Salesforce’s Favorites and Global Actions features are interrelated functionalities that provide users with rapid access to frequently used records and the ability to perform standard actions across various objects.

With Favorites, users can mark records, reports, and dashboards as favorites, allowing them to access them quickly in the future. Users can view their list of favorites by accessing the Favorites tab on the home page.

Global Actions enable users to perform common actions across multiple objects, such as creating a new record or logging a call. Users can access Global Actions from the Global Actions menu, which is located in the Salesforce navigation bar.

Take the Hand of the Best Salesforce Consultancies

Improving productivity is crucial for any business’s success, and Salesforce can play a significant role in doing so. Following the tips outlined in this blog, such as leveraging automation and streamlining workflows, you can supercharge your productivity and increase your bottom line. 

However, to truly maximize the benefits of Salesforce, working with a reputable Salesforce consultancy that can provide expert guidance and support for your business needs is crucial. Contact us to discover more such tips that could help to improve your productivity multifold. 


How can I access Salesforce features efficiently?

You just need the help of the best Salesforce consultant to understand Salesforce features better and adopt these to improve your productivity.

What more can I get with Salesforce consulting services?

Along with the guidance on the helpful features, you can even assess your business and get help to implement a customized Salesforce solution uniquely tailored to your business.

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