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What is Salesforce CTI integration, and why should you consider it?

Salesforce CTI integration
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Is there any replacement for a sales rep to close deals for the organization they are working for? No, not really. With a simple and smart conversation, sales reps can successfully clinch the deals. However, software tools in the marketplace make the salesperson’s life much more accessible through Salesforce CTI integration.

Salesforce telephony integration brings your call center from being a standalone system to inside the CRM, making it one complete customer success platform. From click-to-dial features to easier call routing, there’s a lot that this integration offers to teams to improve customer service.

We offer a Salesforce CTI solution that could help you overachieve your sales quota every month, without any need for coding. We’ll help you improve your customer experience by 43% with state-of-the-art call flow.

Let’s gain a better understanding of CTI integration with Salesforce, its features, and how using it can be helpful for your firm.

What is Salesforce CTI Integration?

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) means connecting telephone systems and computers. Typically, it comprises software installed on the desktop (softphone) to interact with customers or prospects and a server-based component for automatic call routing.

However, to improve users’ efficiency, it is necessary to use it in conjunction with Salesforce so that system can match incoming phone calls with the correct customer and conversations can be more relevant.

CTI integration with Salesforce helps to automatically fetch the details of the person being called from the company’s database. This feature lets users quickly attend calls without asking customers about their details. 

Salesforce CTI can also be integrated with various Third-Party automatic call distributor systems that automatically direct customer calls to the concerned department for efficient workflow. 

What exactly do you get with Salesforce CTI integration?

Considering Salesforce CTI integration can be game-changer for a business, especially for the service team. For the service team, calling is the most efficient way to reach clients and Salesforce CTI integration makes the telephony processes even easier. The integration enables the service representatives to connect with customers and maintain the call record on a single platform, thus enabling them to have all the needed data in front of their eyes when on call with a customer. That’s possible with different features that this integration brings to the table.

So, here is what you are going to get when conducting CTI integration with Salesforce:

  • Screen-Pop – Salesforce and CTI integration enable popping up all the relevant information about the caller on the agent’s screen even before the agent has answered the call. 
  • Click-To-Dial – Convert the phone number fields into clickable links, thus reducing manual effort and possible errors like dialing the wrong numbers.
  • Intelligent Routing – Create customizable rules to define reps who should answer the incoming call instead of letting the system randomly decide it.
  • Up-To-Date Call Reporting – Generate accurate reports for inbound and outbound calls with all the rich data inside Salesforce.
  • Multi-Tenant System – Being a cloud-based system, it ensures everyone uses the same system, eliminating any disparity in data.

Why you should consider using Salesforce CTI

Using Salesforce Telephony Integration can allow you access to several features that can help businesses optimize their workflow and increase revenue generation. 

Below are a few key benefits that companies get after adopting Salesforce CTI.

  • Time-Saving – Salesforce CTI integration displays customer information after fetching relevant details from the database. This allows sales agents to get directly into essential talks with customers while eliminating the need to ask for more information. 
  • Increased Productivity – The integrated system helps to automatically divert inbound calls to individual departments, making call routing easier.
  • Cost-effective – The price for a Salesforce CTI subscription is way lesser than the cost of installing physical telephones at each workstation. Various other infrastructures are needed to enable a fully functional phone. That’s how the integrated system saves quite a considerable amount of money.
  • Tracking Performance – Salesforce CTI enables businesses to record inbound and outbound calls that can be used in the future for generating reports, analyzing trends, or evaluating the performance of each representative.
  • Better Customer Experience – Salesforce CTI pushes relevant information on the caller’s computer screen about customers when they are approached. The customer’s details include name, phone number, email address, and account history. This helps the caller deliver personalized experiences for customers.

Improve customer experience with Salesforce CTI Integration

Businesses are incessantly working to deliver a better experience to their customers in this market of ever-changing consumer needs. Organizations are adopting different techniques and tools to help them meet their goals to keep up with this pace.

With our Salesforce CTI solution, you can close sales 37% faster while increasing first-call resolution with the help of an integrated, centralized phone system.

With the best experts, get started with Salesforce CTI integration on the right foot. Contact us to learn more about our reliable and effective telephony system.

Siddharth Sehgal


Siddharth Sehgal is CEO & Salesforce Communication Guru. He helps businesses grow exponentially by putting their Salesforce CRM on steroids with his unique techniques. He is on a mission to help businesses build deeper relationships with their customers.

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