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CTI with Salesforce to Improve Business Efficiency

CTI with Salesforce to Improve Business Efficiency

For a business, the way a sales representative interacts makes or breaks brand-perception. So, representatives fumbling over the phone with a valuable customer can be detrimental to your brand image and make your customers switch to another service provider. Integrating CTI with Salesforce can help mitigate this.

 Integrating Salesforce with CTI or ‘Computer Telephony Integration’ systems has helped representatives manage customer interactions productively. Telephony over Salesforce gives the users an ‘open API’ enabling third-party CTI vendors to easily connect all their telephony channels to a shared Salesforce interface. To enhance customer experience, CTI integration with Salesforce enables automated call logging, ‘click-to-dial’ capability for softphones, a choice between local presence numbers or ‘Application Addresses’, Voicemails, and screen alerts for incoming calls.

Here’s how Salesforce-Telephony supports sales teams to conduct real-time communication with potential customers. 

  1. Shorter lead-response times

Manual dialing can be cumbersome, especially in a hefty workflow, and add the equivalent of many days wasted in ‘clicking-time’ across the organization. Integrating Salesforce with telecalling operations gives sales teams a point-and-click dialer. The point-and-click Salesforce-dialer, in turn, enables the click-to-call capability to eliminate manual dialing every time representatives need to call a lead. 

  1. Close more sales

Any solution for sales acceleration will promise more sales; CTI with Salesforce promises more sales calls. It allows the representatives to record call data, so they always have data available in real-time. In this case, even if another rep spoke with an unfamiliar prospect, they’d benefit from the information logged by the previous representative.

  1. Reach more prospects

There’s a  high chance that your prospects won’t even pick up the phone the first time you call. It is quite normal for the sales calls to go straight to voicemail. Salesforce CTI integration helps in optimizing outbound calls so the reps only connect when a live person picks up the call. 

Another feature that boosts up the chances of prospects picking the call is adding the local phone number. With CTI, sales representatives can simulate ‘Local Presence’, which allows them to use a phone number from the same region of the prospect you’re calling.

  1. Create outbound sales cadence

‘The money is in the follow-up.’ Not ours, but wise words nonetheless.

With this integration, sales representatives can benefit the most by easily scheduling outbound calls, follow-up tasks, and emails. This allows them to follow up with prospects through calls and emails scheduled at the most suitable time. It also ensures that interested prospects don’t fall through the cracks.

  1. Improved team performance

With higher adoption of these CRM features, sales managers can easily identify the opportunities for training and improvement that can help the team to improve their work process. Concurrently, managers can make the best use of Salesforce dashboards to review the tracked key performance indicators. These KPIs could be a range of indicative metrics like opportunities created, average call duration, dead-air time, number of calls made, and more.

Break New Sales Targets with Salesforce-CTIs

Integration of CTI with Salesforce makes work easier for the sales representatives, enabling them to achieve more leads while minimizing the manual workflow. All you need are professional Salesforce integration services to boost your CRM returns and help your company grow. The right service can smoothly integrate Salesforce with your existing systems to streamline information flows and add powerful, relevant indicators to your customer profiles.