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Why should your service team consider using Salesforce CTI integration?

Salesforce CTI Integration
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Even with numerous digital solutions available, the customer service teams of different companies still prefer to use traditional telephony systems to be in touch with customers. But when there are technologies like Salesforce CTI integration, telephony systems can be beneficial in connecting with customers and resolving their issues.

Conducting CTI integration with Salesforce can offer customer service agents lots of features that could help improve first-call resolution. They can actively connect with more customers with their information just in front of their eyes. 

Using Salesforce CTI Integration by your Service Team

Let’s look at different features of Salesforce CTI integration that will justify the importance of using the technology by the service team. 

1. Caller Information on Screen Pops

The Salesforce telephony integration can help to decrease customer handling times by resolving issues on calls faster. Agents will be able to get screen pops automatically that will show all the contextual information of the caller. This will provide the agent with information about the customer before they connect with them. 

2. Manage Calls without Switching Screens

Customer agents can use calling features like call answer, consult, hold, conference, transfer, etc., from within the Salesforce environment. With these capabilities, customer support agents can access a unified interface for handling customer interactions within Salesforce. Thus, it will help to reduce manual work and speed up call handling to improve productivity.

3. Automate the Call Logging Process

With Salesforce CTI integration services, agents can access automation for different calling processes. This will help to significantly cut down the manual labor and resolve queries faster. 

The telephony integration allows agents to save time by automated call logging, so they don’t have to spend time handling it manually. The technology automatically allows customer agents to manage a complete log history and track the customer interaction history. 

4. Automate Workflows by Improving Agent Productivity

The average call handling time includes activities like adding notes, saving call interaction details, etc., which can also be time-taking. Support agents can save this time as CTI integration with Salesforce helps to automate these post-wrap-up tasks. 

For example, the solution with open the new record page automatically when a support agent receives a call from a new customer. These are some capabilities that will help the service team to efficiently attend calls and resolve customer issues. 

Improve Customer Service with Salesforce CTI Integration

The way business representatives connect with customers can significantly affect customer satisfaction. Customers always look for businesses that can have efficient customer service, with agents who actively receive their calls and provide quick solutions to their issues. 

You can offer this customer service with Salesforce and CTI integration, with the best and most experienced Salesforce professionals onboard. Contact us and learn about more integrations you can get your hands over with the experts at 360 Degree Cloud.  

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