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Press Relese
Date, Human Resources, People and Culture
It gives us immense joy to announce that 360 Degree Cloud has been certified as a Great Place to Work for our employee culture and experience.
We aim high when it comes to people and culture and prioritize employee-centric initiatives aggressively. 360 strives to provide teams with a thoughtful environment that lets them perform their life’s best work.
This GPTW accreditation has re-energized our efforts in the direction of enriching work experiences for all our teams.

What does it mean to get certified as a great place to work?

In broad and relative terms, it means our employees’ sentiment is more positive towards us than the average Indian company in our space.
It also means those team members that work for us are more likely to:
Find a great boss
Look forward to a fulfilling workday
Earn fair profit shares and promotions
  Find a great boss
  Look forward to a fulfilling workday
  Earn fair profit shares and promotions

What makes a place great to work?

A welcoming, talent-driven workplace is the bedrock.
Being a desirable, career-worthy place to work has been on our minds for a while.
In fact, it’s such a pre-occupation at 360, we’re continually innovating and testing new initiatives in the HR space.
You’ll need spaces with equal access where all ideas are and diverse opinions are valued
We celebrate wins and allow space to learn from mistakes. Team members across all projects can speak freely to their managers and question decisions. Contributors are expected to be collaborators, and people skills are valued as much as core skills.
Balance and morale are emphasized
We’re cognizant of the fact that we’re working with humans, so morale is always key.
That means we practice balanced work allocation day-to-day, whether it’s sprints, reviews, client calls, deadlines, or peak season for any department.
We encourage life beyond work. This means we treat our teammates as equal contributors and adults and trust them with off-time instead of micromanaging them.

The values that got us here

Values shape our purpose.
We do what we love, and our core values, which we’ve fondly dubbed as the ‘do’ values, are at the center of how we operate here at 360. They’re called the ‘do’ values because they act as functional values that we can practically implement when faced with hard decisions.
They’re meant to be values we can keep coming back to when we set out to ‘do’ something, values that can guide us in action internally and externally, instead of being a mere corporate stance. These were carefully chosen to be implemented seamlessly.
This lets us work ‘out-ward’ consistently and create policies proactively instead of creating policies that are reactive to situations. The policies guide our actions as well as how we adapt to new situations, positions that we take in conflict, or when devising new roadmaps.

The DO Values

The four ‘do’ values that guide our actions and the ways we implement them day-to-day are as follows:
1) Do what you LOVE
We’re passionate about helping everyone succeed and invest in our people. We ensure opportunity and encouragement through participation. 360 also ensures that teams have the time and means to do what matters most to them at work and beyond.
We embrace their vast talents and interests through outlets like cross-functional training, role selection, and creative expression. All employees are encouraged to choose a career charter as they gain more experience.
2) Do what’s RIGHT
Integrity is non-negotiable at 360.
We make ethical decisions honestly and transparently, even in the face of hard challenges.
To help teams do their jobs with integrity, in conflict situations when it is hard to choose between the employee and a client, the employee is favored. This lets our employees know that we’re with them when they work with integrity.
3) Do it WELL
Improvement is a continuous journey done best in an open, receptive environment continuously. For this, we provide and encourage open upskill across all skills for all levels of employees, even in cross-functional capabilities.
4) Do it for EVERYONE
We give all employees, stakeholders, partners, and customers the same level of care and attention. We’re responsible world citizens that treat all opinions with respect  

Tripling Down on CARE after COVID 19

With the onset of 2022 and armed with lessons from 2020, we’ve also decided to make ‘CARE’ a core practice of all we do. All our Stakeholders, whether new interns, employees, or Fortune clients, are guaranteed care stemming from genuine concern for success and well-being.
We measure success in both tangibles and intangibles and understand that any narrow measurement of success would have an insidious cost on perception and trust that stakeholders have on 360 in the long run.

We want you

Job openings aside, we’re always looking for great people that’ll be a valuable cultural addition to our team. People with unique perspectives can help us evolve as firm that operates through people.
Does that sound like you?

Check out our culture and careers section, or reach out to our recruitment team at careers@360degreecloud.com.