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Guided Field Service and Warehouse Inventory Management

Guided Field Service
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Salesforce Field Service Lightning is the Salesforce product that works best for any business that involves people working in the field for repairs, maintenance, deliveries, or installation. But that’s not all. The effectiveness of field service can also be seen in inventory management. Guided field service and warehouse inventory management can now be brought together.

For a company that needs to manage inventory, it is important to track teams, trucks, distribution centers, and warehouses. Using field service, the lifecycle of products can be tracked within a single platform, making it easier to manage. 

Benefits of Aligning Guided Field Service and Warehouse Inventory Management

For SMBs and large-scale companies, managing stock in the warehouse can be a struggle. Guided field service can simplify the process to manage warehouse inventory. Here we have listed some benefits of the same. 

  • Track inventory locations like customer sites, warehouses, work vehicles, and stockrooms. 
  • Track product details like model category, serial numbers, asset state, and stock availability. 
  • Manage financial information like invoice number, vendors, asset cost, cost center, etc.
  • Manage product requests with notifications to stay updated when stock is running low.
  • Manage contractual data related to assets and track details like warranty expiration date
  • Track shipments to know when products are in transit between locations and the expected delivery date.

All of these benefits make it easier to stay updated on warehouse inventory details and manage deliveries and production accordingly.

Bringing Guided Field Service and Warehouse Inventory Management Together

Salesforce field service has simply transformed the way an inventory can be managed. Guided field service allows you to track inventory at every stage of the lifecycle. Here’s how warehouse inventory management can be improved using field service. 

1. Manage Stocks

You can create field service locations for all the places where you have your inventory, like warehouses. This makes it easier to track your stock and be prepared for renewal before the stock goes out.

2. Track Service Providers

You can add products in the work orders, work types, and work order line items. This would make it easier for you to track your orders and service providers. 

3. Track Inventory Consumption

Using guided field service, you can build line items for products and materials to be consumed for production. This is how you can always stay updated on the consumption of your inventory products. 

4. Manage Transfer of Goods

You can easily track and manage the transfer of goods between your company warehouse and different locations for storage. You can create shipments to store information related to relevant transportation. 

Get Guided Field Service for Warehouse Inventory Management

As your business keeps growing, it can be difficult to stay updated on the current stock in inventory, so you never get low on material. Bringing guided field service and warehouse inventory management will simplify it for you, managing everything virtually, with timely alerts related to stock.

Upgrade your inventory management with Salesforce. Reach out to us to know more about how you can make inventory management easier.

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